Building Android 11 from AOSP Source

Hello, I followed the build instructions for building the latest AOSP. All the commands completed successfully, and I was able to install the new images on my VIM3. However, it looks like Android is in Android TV mode. How can I build the normal Android UI instead of Android TV?

Hello @androider

Yes, current image is Android TV launcher, and will switch to the normal AOSP launcher soon.


Thanks for the update @numbqq. I see the “VIM3/3L Google AOSP Coming soon” thread now. If you had to provide an estimate for “soon”, would you say a few days, a few weeks, or a few months? Thanks again!

incredible news! Is it suitable Android TV for VIM3L or only VIM3 device?

its available for both the devices, but currently it has only been built for the VIM3 afak,
someone is yet to compile it for VIM3L as well :slight_smile:

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I think we’ll see something before the end of the year

i am trying to flash vim3 with android 11
but i get this error :grinning:
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot: error: boot partition is smaller than boot image

you have to put the vim 3 into ugrade mode and use a terminal application called update to write the uboot image, available with the source code, into the device and then flash the same uboot image as bootloader for you to be able to flash the android 11 that you built.


Hi @androider ,

I met this issue before.
But it doesn’t occur if I add a build option TARGET_USE_TABLET_LAUNCHER=true.


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