Build vim2 firmware including root support

It’s khadas plug and power cable it can’t be that do you know how many amps the plug as got

Do you have an original power supply from Khadas 5v / 2A?

Yes I have I’ve just another message saying should have a heatsink and fan I’ve got all of the parts and two khadas cases but never used them

do you have a bare board at all? then the processor can warm up, and go into reboot

install radiator!

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well it shouldn’t get that hot, it might crash but reboot is a whole different story, but yes one should not keep a bare board, very dangerous, One way trip for your SBC to heaven

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100% agree on this.

I assumed heatsink would be mounted. The S912 can produce a lot of heat. Depending on the environment and CPU load, without heatsink and/or fan, the S912 can overheat. That can cause
SoC throttling which reduces performance, but worse than that, repeated overheating can cause system instability(reboots, etc.) and significantly shorten component life.

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Is the Thermal instability that high ?, hot enough to reboot, why is it thermally that bad ?

Yes, dropped my keys on one of my unprotected VIMs, I was very lucky it was not connected to power and was not physically damaged. I got lucky.

keep your SBC’s safe mate :slight_smile:, I don’t think “Apple care” covers it, nor does “Khadas care” exist, to take care of it :laughing:

@MacThomas62 you better make sure that your device hasn’t undergone thermal stress by now, put that heatsink on as soon as possible.

I have not ran the VIM2 for a while, but if I recall , during sustained use it can get pretty hot without mass or forced air. While I continue to suspect power could be the issue in their case, without radiator or fan, heat could be more of a factor.

In my tech space(a.k.a. the cave), ambient(room) temps can be 35c and higher. I don’t run any of my arm devices without radiator and/or forced air.

yes is recommended to use a heatsink on a s912 as it gets really hot, i do even say that in my rom thread.


Ho and you can buy raspberry pi 3 heatsinks, they cheap as chips… i use one in my Vim1 and Vim2.
They good enough for the job.

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That’s way to warm are you sure, that’s like 95 degrees Fahrenheit :scream:,
You really need to ventilate your room, or else your electronics aren’t going to be happy…

here in the summer gets really hot, i do sometimes have inside my home up to 30 to 37cº in a really hot day, all because my apartment is facing the sun from midday until it sets.
ye and i do not have AC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, but it is what it is. And it is an uninsulated, unfinished space in a garage with no ceiling. Typical temps are lower, but during the warm parts of the year, never falling below 32c is typical. Helps me keep my weight down. :laughing:

To add, I get all torn up if any of my SoCs go over 60c. I almost never see it using radiators and/or fans, even in the oven known as my cave.

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wow, that must be touch, here in the tropics, it barely reaches a sustained 35 degrees celsius,
But luckily there are winds to cool us down, really fast winds, at least 60 Km/h, and no, that’s not even a cyclone :sweat_smile:

damn i wish i had wind in that 41/44cº days, blazing hot…

well you could literally shed weight in sweat, with those kind of conditions :rofl:

your just asking for more trouble at that temp, wind doesn’t do help at all with that much heat, more likely just makes your skin burn, :grimacing:, believe me, We have suffered worse here. it’s better having AC than Hell, I mean wind :sweat_smile:

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