Bootanimation update issue on VIM3L

Hi guys,

I’m currently encountering a strange issue when I try to change my AOSP build boot animation (based on
I built my own boot animation and install it properly in AOSP tree.

When the board boot, it works like a charm but, once the boot is complete, I got continous error saying “Process system isn’t responding (CLOSE APP/WAIT)”. Moreover, my app crash every minutes. If I put back the original boot animation, everything is working back.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

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Any suggestion, @jasonl ?

Thanks for your support !

HI @antigua,

Concerning the boot logo, I mananged to change it without any issue (I used a BMP 800x800 16 bit as Khadas did) that I put in AOSP/device/khadas/kvimXX/logo_img_files. Don’t forget to rebuild uboot as indicated (cd bootloader/uboot && ./mk kvimXX)

Concerning the boot animation, from my side I manage to build it and display it on screen but until now, I’ve failed to understand the issue with ‘Process system isn’t responding’…

hello what tools have you used to change the boot animation or khadas loogo and is it via ADB?

and you the firmware you used is pie or android tv by superceleon?

Hi @Devil,

I build Android from Khadas source tree (based on, it is an Android 9.
To build my own boot animation file, I followed the requirement described here bootanimation format

Once my bootanimation archive is ready, I build AOSP then I push the resulting update.img file with Aml_Burn_Tool.

What I know :

  • My build process looks like OK (I modified several aspect of the AOSP tree based on my need like boot logo, installed app, etc…) and everything is running as I want except the boot animation.

  • When I put my own bootanimation, it is loaded properly (I can see it on screen, all phases) BUT, once the boot is complete, system seems unstable.

  • When I put back the original bootanimation, system works again properly.

  • Concerning boot anumation, I tried to :

– Reduce the number of phase
– Reduce the phase duration
– Reduce the picture resolution
– Use another boot animation (downloadable on zetamods website)

But I always observe the same issue.

Let me know if you need any additionnal information.

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device/khadas directory ,revert 31a9909506573200159b6db9e178e07bb481f123 commit,will fix up the bootanimation problem

thank you very much i will give it a try and let you know sorry if i may ask is this PIE or ATV or it will work on both firmware?

it will work on android pie

Hi @jasonl

Many thanks for the fix, it seems to works properly on Pie :slight_smile: !!
I’ll do additionnal test then let you know if something is wrong.