Boot Ubuntu from M.2 SSD

Hi! Can you tell me, how to setup boot Ubuntu from m.2 ssd? Should you get links to documentation?
Which one of Ubuntu image I should use - EMMC Installation OR SD/USB Installation?
Thank you!

PS Yes, I set my port to PCIE; SSD Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

@dr_begemot right now NVMe boot is not working yet, you can setup the device to boot from the eMMC and use gparted to set that device as a primary storage volume etc.

NVME already works !!! plz wait some days we will update it and make announce about this


oh I was unaware of that, very well, waiting for the announcement :slight_smile:

Great news! It’s about VIM3?
I’ve read that this feature will appear for rockchip only in the near future.

NVME features will be ready for VIM3 VIM3L and Edge very soon (im try do it on this week … testing …)


can i know the schedule?

will be published on this week !!


Good work.
Once boot is available from M.2 SSD, will eMMC still be available for storage?

yes ! i will make detailed announce about new features soon


thank you. i am looking forward to use it.

stil testing … plz wait …


it’s ok. i’m gonna wait… cheer up!

i have a question. do you have a plan to add to krescue image list?

what ?need too add to krescue image list ? - plz clarify

I think it would be easy to install if it was just in the krescue image. Sorry. Never mind

ummm… i’m sorry to say… not yet?

Good morning. Plz i bought extension for this fonction. Thank in advance

  1. start last Krescue - Index of /Firmware/Krescue/system/

  2. write uboot into spi flash or eMMC : main menu → advanced → experimental - > uboot …
    Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system - #622 by hyphop

  3. write any image with mainline kernel to nvme (on your host pc for example via dd)

  4. boot up - DONE

thank you. i will try it.