Boot Logo Removal

Dear Colleagues,

We are simple digital signage stand builders and found Your VIM1 to be very useful for our purpose. One of the reasons we choose Your SBCs is that You mention that it is possible to change boot logo. Still it appears to be incredibly complicated for us. We looked through Your forums, still didn’t found helpful information either.

For example:

  1. We tried to replace file – device/khadas/kvim/product/logo/bootup.bmp – still didn’t find this file neither using FileBrowser nor TotalCommander nor TerminalEmulator.
  2. We read information You give at – – still, sorry to say – we are not familiar neither with Linux nor Android coding, so we do not understood what to do and how.

Thus all our efforts by now remain unsuccessful.

Could You please be so kind to help with some step-by-step instruction – just how to remove the boot logo.

Thak You very, very much in advance.


Valts from Latvia

plz write more details !!! which disto OS used

Thank You Hyphop,
Preinstalled is Android version 7.1.2, Build: VIM_Nougat_20180619.

If I am not mistaken, it is located in the file under the path / system / media

Thank You Vladimir,
No it is not – it comes much later. What we want to remove is very first splash screen with Khadas logo. Just it.

this one UBOOT logo read prev my link

Thank You Hyphop,

Yes, as I wrote in our initial question – it is right the document we studied through, still it does not help – as, sorry to say – we are not familiar with Linux and Android coding, we are not programmers, we are stand hardware manufacturers. We do not understand what is written in this document.
Also – we do not need to change – we just need to switch off = remove of the very initial splash screen with Khadas logo. Nothing more.
Please be so kind to provide some simple step-by-step instruction.

Thank You very, very much for Your cooperation.

Just remove bootup logo its more easy I can write manual tomorrow

Hello @hyphop, Valts also asked me for help via email. He is hardware manufactures, not very good at software/programmers like linux and android coding. He’s fond of our sbc and will be needing in bigger demands. So plz make the removal-logo manual step as simple as you can so that he can follow up your manual solving it soon. Thank you!

HI! yes i will :wink: today !

Thank You So Much Hyphop, Thank You Very Much Katherine!
We will truly wait for new info from You.
Thank You.

plz write your VIM1 device version - v12 v13 v14 ?
how many devices needed logo cleaning ?
and i can write some easiest solutions variants

1st! variant ( if u have usb-uart )

erase bootup logo from Android

just goto uart serial console, press any key when device powered and stop normal bootup process

Hit Enter or space or Ctrl+C key to stop autoboot -- :  0 

OK ! lets erase logo partition

store erase partition logo

OK! we dont have bootup logo anymore , done! now we can reboot and check


PS: if u dont have uart i can prepare special SD image which remove logo just plug SD and reboot, or i can prepare fully SD installation image without bootup LOGO

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Thank You Hyphop,
We much tried to see version numbers 12, 13 or 14 somewhere on the plate, still didn’t found it, so I better attach photos:

i see version numbers VIM v1.2

About quantities – we hope it to be really many so the method preferably should be fastest possible.

I got from our technicians that we can get “uart”. This method seems to be fast and easy – so may be we could try this first. I will let You know.

Thank You very much.

Oh, seems I got it – v1.2 means v12. Sorry, I just get confused.

let me know if u need another method ! btw i have prepared already krescue VIM1.Android_Nougat_V180619.emmc.kresq installation image - just 80 sec full reflash time (which have installation option without logo ),
buzz me if u need my assist :wink:

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Thank You So Much Hyphop,
Yes, please, if it is ready prepared already – please we would be much happy to try it immediately.
Would You prefer transfer it by e-mail or put it onto some file exchange?
Looking forward to an info from You,
Thank You once again.