Boot images from external medias like SD card and U-Disk

There are many images running on SD card or U-Disk,for example, LibreELEC,Armbian images and Khadas SD images.This tutorial is about how to boot these images.

In order to boot images from exernal medias you must make sure:

  • Android running on EMMC
  • Activate the multi-boot

For different images you need different Android version.

  • LibreELEC, Ubuntu with linux 3.14 you need Android M or latest Android N(V180207 or later) running on EMMC.
  • Ubuntu with linux 4.9 need Android O running on EMMC.

1. Write image to SD card or U-Disk

  • Use dd on Ubuntu command line
$ sudo dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdX bs=8M

2. Prepare dtb

You need to choose different dtb for VIM and VIM2.

  • VIM: Copy kvim.dtb or kvim_linux.dtb to /boot and rename it to dtb.img.
  • VIM2: Copy kvim2.dtb or kvim2_linux.dtb to /boot and rename it to dtb.img.

3. Activate the multi-boot

Two ways to activate the multi-boot:
1). Via Keys mode
2). Activate multi-boot via Android.

  • Enter Settings>About Device->System->updates
  • Click select and choose
  • Click update, then the system will reboot and boot to external media image


  • For previous Android N has permission issue, you can’t use it to boot your external media image, or your booting card will be broken.

  • For Android O also has permission issue. If you want to boot Ubuntu with linux 4.9 please refer to this reply.


Links Keys mode is broken!

For VIM1/2:

Keys Mode(U-Boot is running)
Power on VIM1/2.
Long press Power key without release
Short press ‘Reset’ key and release
Count 10 seconds and release the ‘Power’ key to enter into upgrade mode


Fixed. Thanks for your feedback.

VIM2 дальше анимации не идет. Обновить ни через SD - карту или через кабель USB-C не получается, т.к. VIM2 не определяется через кабель USB-C а обновления через SD не идет никак.

Смотрите в документации инфу про m-registr и используйте его для запуска прошивки через кабель USB.