Boot from SD Card problem

I have a VIM2 Max. I already installed Nougat and now I installed Ubuntu 16.4 with the Usb burning tool.
I meanwhile between these installations I create a startup SD card but it does not boot through the SD card.
I read and followed the document “Upgrade via Burning TF Card” but I never managed to upgrade. I must say that using the buttons to enter upgrade mode is no longer a problem for me.
It seems to me that I do not have Multi boot enabled.
Right now I have Ubuntu installed in eMMC.
Any tips?

May be I burned wrong image.:blush:
Can you point me an image to be burn in SD card? I wont to boot from SD card and install 3 in 1 system.
Thank you.

It is unclear what you want to get ?

I would like install the MultiOS_3in1 (Android+Libreelec+Linux) install to eMMC.
As far I read I need to boot from a SD card or USB stick. Until now I can’t do that.


Try to record on the SD card the last image of the Arabian, to add dtb to insert the card into VIM. Press and hold the middle button and turn on the power. If this fails to start the system from the SD card, then you have to install (via a USB cable and program on your PC) Android, it to activate multi-download. Do you have the ability to connect the UART console ?

Install Android on eMMC trough amlogic USB burning tool.
Burn SD card with balbes150 Armbian or Libreelec or 3in1
Put SD card in the SD card slot in VIM
Boot to VIM’s Android
Go to Android Settings
Chose the update file, the file you will see there after parsing chose
Push update and your vim will reboot from the SD

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Hi balbes150
Yes following your tip I got starting from SD card with Armbian.:grinning:

Now I can boot from SD card (armbian)or (eMMC) Linux 16.4 Mate.
From here what shoud be next step to install 3 in 1?:roll_eyes:

I found the way!:rofl:
Now I’m in another topic with other problem::disappointed_relieved:

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