Board with gigabit ethernet

Is there any board with gigabit ethernet release soon?

VIM2 and another Khadas product line will both spec as Gigabit Ethernet.

VIM2 is planing to launch on Q2 2017.

Still using amlogic chipset…?

VIM and VIM2 will base on Amlogic chipset, another product line will spec as higher performance and richer expansion.

Can you give us any more specs of Vim2 at the moment?

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Same question : have you yet more infos to share abt the vim2 (and its price range) ?

Hi, still not available for me to provide more information about VIM2 yet. :slight_smile:

gouwa, please reveal some info about upcoming Vim2
see, it turned out that my son totally occupied Vim under LibreELEC, so I start to look for a new device as a small home server to unload router (initially Vim was supposed to do that)
what I expect from it is 5GHz wifi and native SATA suport (not a USB bridge) definitely
services should cover NFS/Samba, Transmission/Deluge and Own/Nextcloud, dual boot Linux/LE is optional
so since GeekBuying has lowered the price on GeekBox+LandingShip (it costs the same as Cubietruck alone) maybe it’s the right time to get acquainted with RockChip?
I see a lot of your replies on GeekBox forum - do you think it is still up to date?

at least drop us a hint about Vim2 features and most likely I will wait and spend money on it :slight_smile:

Well, we plan to lunch VIM2 on Q2 2017, and following specs for VIM2 can be revealed now: :slight_smile:

  • Amlogic S912
  • MIMO 2x2 AC WIFI
  • Gigabit Ethernet
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If the price is right, i will definitely consider buying Vim 2, S912 isn’t a great soc, there are better soc’s on the market, but it is better than S905/x.

If you prove your support for this board, especially the Linux part, Vim could become a popular device.

I do believe the price for Vim2 won’t be too high, because there are many cheap S912 devices, it isn’t hard to find S905 Android box that is more expensive than S912 box.

Hopefully there will be S912 mali drivers for linux then…

I think that needs to be solved before the board goes into production.

Of course there are better SOCs available and they also tend to be much more expensive than Amlogic S905X/S912, eg RK3399 (2x+) and HiSilicon (4x+) vs normal S905X/S912 box prices. Or you could go all the way up to a S821/S835 which would be (~ 8x+ i.e. $500USD+). However I suspect the other upcoming Khadas unit probably will be RK3399 based on their previous Rockchip unit. There are already RK3399 units listed for as low as $100 USD online.

If possible, I would highly recommend , move SD card slot either on the side or on the front side of the Board. Very not easy to change the SD card , when HDMI cable is connected. And to add a separate connector for fan connection. By the way, Armbian already checked when working at S912 and shows significant productivity gains compared to S905X. There is also an option LE for S912 (mali works through libhibris).

More Suggestions

Must agree with SD card slot.
Easier access reset/function/button (gorilla fingers) :slight_smile:
32GB, load it up with images.
Look into better cooling utilizing part metal case as part of the thermal/heat dissipation, fan as mentioned.
USB 3 if applicable

@balbes150 @Robert Thanks for the suggestion, as the SD card designing, VIM 2 will still keep the same design with VIM as following reasons:

  • We have a plan to design a housing/case for both VIM and VIM2, so all the interfaces/ports need compatible.
  • Users can use the Khadas specified HDMI cable which with more flat connector showed as following:

Yes, VIM2 will feature with a separately fan port.

New housing will improve it. :slight_smile:

At least 2 more usb ports out of the box.

I hope in the next releases of VIM You will consider this request. By the way, I have just the HDMI cable to the VIM, but I assure You, but with him, it is difficult to insert and pull out the SD card. You need to keep your fingers “pianist”. And to have to turn 180 degrees the whole TV box (with connected network cables, USB, HDMI), to get access to the connector. By the way, this is a problem not only for VIM, almost all development boards have this problem.

PS I wrote about it, because they want to, what would VIM became one of the best devices and has been a trendsetter in this area.

Yes, I know it’s an issue with current designing. I was mean that the issue can be reduced quite a lot if with the Khadas specified HDMI cable :wink:

Another solution for current design is that we customized a new HDMI connector with a higher port from the PCB board

Another fact that we want to keep current design is that we have another product line which spec as RK3399 will also use the same design.

Thanks for all the good suggestions and all the great efforts on Khadas VIM. And we will keep research and become the best one in the industry :slight_smile:

I think you also should consider a site for a small tactile instead of a two M-pads
for the Maskrom mode upgrade procedure - some people didn’t manage to use Power botton and only a few have USB-TTL

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