Bluetooth Antenna


I’ve found that the VIM2 Bluetooth (Android) drops sound to headphones - it appears to be orientation sensitive so I assume its caused by the internal Bluetooth antenna. I’ve seen you can add an external antenna - can you provide some instructions on attaching the replacement antenna.

Attached a photo - does this annotation look correct?


Hello, Have a look here for antenna info.
Otherwise, may want to check the Bluetooth antenna for proper solder connection to its cable. Check to insure the antenna cable’s IPEX connector is securely attached to the board’s mating connector.
If you have other Bluetooth accessories, such as keyboard, airmouse etc, that are connected to the VIM via dongle, you may want to move them to a USB extension cable. Sometimes close proximity of Bluetooth sources can cause problems.


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Thanks for the suggestions. Can I confirm the IPEX cable connection to the antenna is the connector - circled in green in the previous post?



The following image is from Khadas docs VIM2, it shows IPEX connector assignments. However, the printing on the PCB, a W and a B seem a bit at odds with the assigned labels, I am not sure what the W(M?) and the B stand for.

@andymog UPDATE: I have checked the schematic against the VIM2 PCB drawing, IPEX connector M is the WiFi/Bluetooth antenna. Shown as connector J14 on PCB drawing and schematic.