External antennas for khadas vim2

i need external antennas for khadas vim2
wifi low signal

Hi tanathep:
Can you specify more detail on the low signal?

And if you want stronger Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal, you can also buy external higer Gain antenna for VIMs, just mind follow specs:

  • I-PEX Wi-Fi connector
  • 2.4G & 5.8G band
  • Higher Gain (VIM2 Antenna specs with 2dBi FYI)

Good day.

show picture & link


I-PEX to SMA Cable

SMA Antenna

support Antenna ?

2 or 8 dBi


Antenna specs with 2 or 8?

Hello, Higher gain antenna should result in better performance and/or range. Stock antenna are 2dBi, so the higher gain 8dBi antenna would be my choice.

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