Battery operation on Android 9

I would like to build a Car PC from the VIM3 and the New M2X Extension. So that the system does not simply go out when the engine is switched off, I need a small battery buffer that enables clean switching off.

Question: Is this possible with the VIM3? If yes how?

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Maybe some kind of uninterruptible power supply?

It is definitely possible, The VIM3 has a VIN port, you can add a power regulator to make sure a consistent amount of power reaches the board,

You can use a VIN cable to hook it up to a power regulator, please note the VIN port has a wide voltage operating range. (5 v to 20 v)


You can use one of these buck converter boards to get a regulated output power

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I found an interesting device for Power Bank cars at 12 volts 2 amperes, with a fairly good capacity

@Vladimir.v.v I believe that, ThomasHH-DE wanted to connect the VIM to the car battery, not get a battery for the car :upside_down_face:

the device itself is universal, I consider it as an independent stand-alone device

Can I connect this battery pack as shown in the picture below?

2020-06-29 13_32_51-VIM3-Schnittstellen _ Khadas Dokumentation

Unfortunately I cannot connect this to the car battery because I have no permanent plus in the passenger compartment. So I have to work in a battery pack.

vim3 works up to 12V 2A

Too bad I don’t think so. I won’t get this cable in Germany within the next 14 days. Unfortunately, Khadas only sells the devices, but not this cable via Amazon Germany. Then I think I have to buy another SBC.

@ThomasHH-DE That is not a problem, you could just order from Khadas shop :wink:

Or search the part online, Molex 78172-0004 Connector,
It is very cheap to buy

this another rough way, but you could try…
You can ask khadas to put it on the

why I am telling you these many ways is because, you won’t get an alternative for such a unique device like the VIM3, but if you do find something better, It is your opinion and you may suit your needs :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, this is not easy to get in Europe. Only with a long delivery time and high shipping costs or with a minimum quantity of 1000.

Actually, if you buy from anyway, it is still shipped from their hub in shenzen, so you could give a try by asking them to see if they can add that to the products available, or combine the shipment for you :slight_smile:

But note that the Battery pack that you add to the VIN port is only going to get discharged, for charging use separate circuit, it was a good design choice not to include charging circuitry on the board, so you can add that yourself for the specific battery you choose, Li-PO, Li-ON, Ni-CD etc.

Hmm, please note that, me living in Asia myself, living in one of the closest countries to China, still have to pay those prices :upside_down_face:

I ordered my VIM3 Pro from Amazon yesterday and will receive it on Wednesday because the items are available here in Germany. I just don’t get the cables here. I wrote to Khadas via Amazon.

Oh ok, but what about buying the connector separately?, Mouser ships to Germany,
you can add other things you need to your mouser shopping cart and buy those electronics for cheap, Digikey might also sell them…

The idea … What about a power bank with passthrough charging? Would that work? Powerbank Anker PowerCore Essential

Seems like a good idea, can be done…

yes, actually I offered you this solution
but, but, how do you properly organize all this, of course you decide


@Vladimir does that Powerbank you recommend have pass through charging ?, @ThomasHH-DE wanted something that has that, please recommend something for him :slight_smile:

So far I’ve solved that with a Huawei Mate 10 Pro and mirrored display. The whole thing should then be replaced by the VIM3 Pro. I’m afraid I do not speak English. Therefore the video is only in German