Basic Drivers question for the KTB from a newbie

Hi there,

I have just received my Tone Board today and I’m pairing it with JDS Labs Atom amplifier. So far so good.

My question, and sorry if this is very basic question and already discussed here, is about what Drivers are the best ones or recommended for W10.

  • I do see that with the thesycon v224 is the one referred from the user manual in Khadas support site. However, this version only reaches 192 Khz sampling rate.
  • Then, tried with the W10 built in drivers, but not 24 bits support, neither direct DSD as it relies on ASIO2WASAPI.
  • There is also another thesycon v4.82 which I have not tried yet
  • And I have also seen another newer EVAL version 4.82 of a most resent thesycon driver.

I would appreciate if you can recommend the best drivers to use to get the most out of this beauty.

Thanks a lot!!

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Hi, I think the driver issue was being discussed here:

You can ask there…

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Still confused on whether Win10 built in drivers are good enough or if I should go for whatever stable thesycon driver is issued.

Any opinion?

I don’t use tone board, but maybe ask @AKBAAR, he might tell you something…
as far as I know, the Thesycon driver is the only one that gives you the higher studio-grade sample rate…

hello, you can also use the search on the site, where a lot of information has already accumulated

Yes, I’ve done it thoroughly before posting this :wink: but still not a clear go for any of the alternatives that I’ve been able to learn.