Audiophile USB cable

Last year I bought an expensive Nordost USB cable for connecting my PC to my DAC, is a standard USB A to USB B cable.
Now that I’m using the Khadas Tone Board I cannot use such cable because it has the USB C.
Is there a way to modify the USB C to USB B so I can use again my Nordost USB cable?


Fancy and expensive cables are a good thing for analogue signals. They are basically pointless for digitial signals. You can spend $5 on an Amazon essentials cable and it will electrically achieve the same result (the 1’s and 0’s that comprise the digital signal make it from one end of the cable to the other). You can eBay the current fancy cable and put the difference towards a vacation or something else worthwhile. NB: Yes some digital cables have “bandwidth” requirements (e.g. HDMI) but this is a short-run USB cable transporting a low-bandwidth audio signal, so that argument is not relevant.


With all respect, if you are deaf then okay, if not then…

Digital means never having to say your sorry, or to put it another way the whole point of digital is that it can carry without degradation even on a 10Cent cable.

Save your money.


The USB-C port on the Tone Board functions as USB2. Adapters may exist, but that may defeat your purpose.
You could attach a b-type connector on a short pigtail to the GPIO’s USB pins. You may recall from this thread.


Hi @Mywalsh
Yep, there are more ‘standard’ USB-B cables for audio, and still not too much with USB-C one.

We will try to make one in the future :wink:

Have fun!

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Digital all 1 and 0’s the only Noise or degradation will be power supply or a bad device plugged into,

Stray EMF will be the Noise, Chokes can help,
Good earthing can help and Hinder if you get a loop
Analogue has its good points but digital is so 2020


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I would cut off the USB B plug and solder a USB C plug done!
*Note - Can’t wait to get my AudioQuest Diamond cable todo the same! It will match the AudioQuest Diamond HDMI - you can see the extra colours!

Not only is digital all 0’s and 1’s, those are 0V and 5V steps. These are so far above any possible noise floor of interference that you would have to be sitting next to a electric substation for there to be any possibility of interference pickup. I can build a phono preamp which deals with signals 1/1000th the strength of a USB cable without picking up significant noise. Let me assure you that the engineers who designed USB were well aware of issues of signal degradation and ensured that the standard would be impossible to degrade (quasi balanced transmission for one).

Educate yourself people, there are snake oil salesmen around every corner and the only shield you have is education.

Save your money for where it counts, such as buying an excellent DAC like the Khadas Toneboard. Even my wife can hear the difference over cheaper DAC’s.



shoog is on the real side of life.


Smiles, I am from the UK via HK/Espana I was being sarcastic apologies its a virus everywhere here :slight_smile:

Gender bias? I’m old but X chromosome humans have golden ears too :wink:

As a side note anyone tried Snakeoil OS? (no joke)

The reason I say my wife even agreed is because wives are generally unconcerned with trivialities such as HIFI.



Snake Oil Never, no way, not possible,

My Friend told me it has to be true if it on the Interweb :slight_smile:


HI !
There may be differences and maybe not.
I was looking for something similar and I found this cable that many find to be of high quality for money
I tried it on my phone through the program USB Audio Player PRO and did not hear any difference with the Khadas kabal. Maybe this will help you look for something else
FiiO LT-TC1 TypeC to TypeC Audio Data Decoding Cable for FiiO K3/M9/M6/M11/M5/BTR3

Basic physics and good engineering design say “it cannot be different”, no amount of woo thinking can change that. This is not the same as analogue cables where it can be different.
A 5c cable will do just as well.


@Vladimir.v.v I believe that the cable has to shift from USB-B to USB-C,

That cable looks cool though :sunglasses: like an old telephone cable, where did you get it ?

what ? PC or Phone,
Laptops, PC have USB A,
phones have USB B or C


stationary computers


Then That would be a USB A not a B :slight_smile:

ok, even easier
cable adapter for Mywalsh

how do you like this option, through two adapters?