Audio player using VIM 3L + Tone board

Hello Everyone,
I am completely new here, new to Khadas, and also not into programming and code writing. So kinda noob.

I was tinkering with the idea of building a Stand alone HD audio player for my analogue amp which ill be connecting via RCA.
Ive read that the tone board DAC’s are well balanced and have good reviews.
The audio file formats that I intend the build player to play are mostly MP3’s and Flac’s and occasionally I may stream from the internet either using spotify or other music streaming app.
This audio player will be connected by wifi to my LAN and will be playing the audio mp3’s and flacs that are stored elsewhere.
For that I was looking at the VIM 3L + Tone board + Touch screen. The screen housing I plan to CNC machine out of aluminum.
The touch screen will be mainly to browse thro files and for play functions, thats it - not really for videos)

So what do you guys think of this project?
Is the VIM 3L + tone board good for this. ( I feel it should be as I wont be running videos)
I also had read that currently the VIM 3L comes out of the box with Andriod 9 pre loaded which is good, but doesnt support all android apps ?
So what media player app can be supported? Or can I side load most of the media player apps? What bout server applications running on VIM3L ?

Hi @Ro_Ro:
Actually, we also recommend the VIM3L for KTB for DAP(Digital Audio Player) and we will develop Audio friendly OS like Volumio on VIM3L.

Personally, I will not recommend the Android OS for DAP due to the SRC limited.

Have fun!

Hi @Gouwa
Thanks for your suggestion.
Im a bit confused. Then if not android OS for the DAC, then which OS do you suggest ?

I need to run a server application so the player can play files from the LAN. ?

Volumio OS based on Linux.

Yes, it’s quite common features for DAP.

Thanks @Gouwa for your quick replies.
As I said before, im a complete noob. Just taking the plunge in this DIY and I dont know much on Linux.
So I trust If i run volumo as the OS it will be able to pull files across the LAN.
How do i do this? Is there a discussion in the forum on this that i can read up on?

There are some topics on Khadas Forum and you can search Volumio on Khadas Forum for some information:

You can also check the Volumio website for further details:



Thanks, I looked at some topics on Volumio which looks good.
But most of the versions are for the older VIM’s.
Although the versions has issues and I couldnt find versions for VIM3L

Are you’ll planing to release a VIM3L board specifically with Volumio?
May be then I can wait for the release of that board.

Yes, we will official do support for Volumio on VIM3L.

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Hi Gouwa,

Thanks, I have one more question on this… will you be releasing the VIM3L boards with Volumio installed on it ?
Cause then I mite as well wait for the release of those boards instead of picking them up now?
Whats your suggestion on this ?


Still not sure at the moment, as the Volumio OS on VIM3L will be slightly later then Android / CoreELEC OS on VIM3L.

@hyphop will work on the Volumio OS soon.

On Android I use an app called USB Audio Player Pro.
It allows to bypass Android SRC with the self developed driver and in addition integrated with Tidal and MQA for de-compressing and hi-res streamming.
Once you purchased it in Google Play, you can use it on any of your android device. Either on DAP or VIM.
I am not sure how KTB will behave with it though.

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