Audio out from Edge V

How can I get Audio out from Edge V board?

  1. in Headphone
  2. in 2W speaker

How can I get GPS function in Edge V board?

@Totti Follow up

There is a complete GPS debugging record.

Hello, Audio out is usually sent over HDMI.
A Bluetooth Speaker can be used.
A USB sound card or USB DAC can be used, restart Edge-V after connecting may be required. Check volume level after reboot.
SPDIF digital signal is available on the GPIO, Pin 13(signal), Pin 14(Ground).

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Hello,there is no Audio IC on the Edge-V board.If you want to add then to your project,you must to make a new board from the 40 PIN GPIO Header:

You can design the board which add the Audio IC through the I2S pins .And select the amplifier IC you need;
We once wanted to design a Speak board, but considering that the user’s requirements on power amplifier are different, we have not designed it yet


Dear Totti,
Thanks for your reply!

By USB sound card, do you mean something like below?

Will it work plug and play? or need some modification in software?

Yes, like the examples you linked.
I tried 3 different ones. 2 very cheap USB sound cards, both had Headphone outputs. And one very nice one, the Khadas Tone Board, it has no Headphone output, but the coming model will.

All worked without software modifications, but required restarting the Edge to work. Once restarted, a small headphone symbol appeared in the upper tool bar. Check volume level after restarting, as mine restarted with low volume.

Note: I have the Edge, not Edge-V, but I assume it will work the same way.

One of the USB soundcards I used looks like this unit. You may want to spend a little more if sound quality is important for you.

@harshalrode I assume a USB speaker would also work for you, like these.

All right!
Thank you.

I think audio out through headphone will work with those USB sound cards.
Now the speakers that I need to connect, need to be of small size like that of a tablet.

I looked closer at the USB speakers I linked, most of those are only powered over USB and would not work alone, as they require an audio input signal.

Yes, the cheap USB sound card works with Headphones plugged in, but audio does not get very loud in the headphones.
I connected the headphone output to a stereo, so that works too.

I pulled some speakers out of an old tablet and connected them to a 3.5 mm headphone plug. The USB sound card could not drive the tablet speakers, some amplification would be needed.
Something like this(an example, not a product recommendation) would probably do as an amplifier between the USB sound card’s headphone jack and the tablet type speakers.

Seems like a Bluetooth speaker would be less complicated.

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