Android 9 Source Code


I want to know when Android source code is released.
In my recognition, we can Android nougat only.

We will release the Edge Android Pie source code around the middle of next month. Thanks.

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Hey Terry, is the VIM 1 Pro also going to have Android Pie available for it?
We’ve looked around and saw that the Amlogic Mbox has Android Pie support whlie using the same SOC.

Hi, @Terry !
How to add gapps and supersu in source?

Thank you!

You just change the rk3399 makefile build_with_root to true.
To add GAPPS, the instructions were already posted a while ago in the Android 9 thread and on Github -



How to fix this issue?

> davemf@ubuntu:~/EDGE_Pie$ make -j8

> TARGET_2ND_ARCH_VARIANT=armv7-a-neon
> HOST_ARCH=x86_64
> HOST_OS=linux
> HOST_OS_EXTRA=Linux-4.4.0-31-generic-x86_64-Ubuntu-14.04.5-LTS
> HOST_CROSS_OS=windows
> BUILD_ID=PQ3A.190505.002
> OUT_DIR=out
> ninja: no work to do.
> ninja: no work to do.
> device/rockchip/rk3399/preinstall/ was modified, regenerating...
> device/rockchip/rk3399/preinstall_del/ was modified, regenerating...
> Saved manifest to commit_id.xml
> [4/1066] including bootable/recovery/ ...
> bootable/recovery/ warning: *** Redirect log to UART
> [25/1066] including development/build/ ...
> development/build/ warning: android_stubs_current 
> development/build/ warning: metalava_android_stubs_current metalava_android_stubs_current
> development/build/ warning: android_system_stubs_current 
> development/build/ warning: android_test_stubs_current 
> development/build/ warning: metalava_android_system_stubs_current metalava_android_system_stubs_current
> development/build/ warning: metalava_android_test_stubs_current metalava_android_test_stubs_current
> [400/1066] including hardware/rockchip/omx_il/ ...
> tools/hooks .git/hooks
> [581/1066] including system/sepolicy/ ...
> system/sepolicy/ warning: BOARD_SEPOLICY_VERS not specified, assuming current platform version
> [1066/1066] including vendor/rockchip/root/SuperSU/ ...
> build/make/core/ warning: overriding commands for target `out/target/common/obj/APPS/Bluetooth_intermediates/flat-res/device/rockchip/common/overlay/packages/apps/Bluetooth/res/values_config.arsc.flat'
> build/make/core/ warning: ignoring old commands for target `out/target/common/obj/APPS/Bluetooth_intermediates/flat-res/device/rockchip/common/overlay/packages/apps/Bluetooth/res/values_config.arsc.flat'
> build/make/core/Makefile:28: warning: overriding commands for target `out/target/product/rk3399/vendor/lib/'
> build/make/core/ warning: ignoring old commands for target `out/target/product/rk3399/vendor/lib/'
> build/make/core/Makefile:28: warning: overriding commands for target `out/target/product/rk3399/vendor/lib/'
> build/make/core/ warning: ignoring old commands for target `out/target/product/rk3399/vendor/lib/'
> build/make/core/Makefile:28: warning: overriding commands for target `out/target/product/rk3399/vendor/lib64/'
> build/make/core/ warning: ignoring old commands for target `out/target/product/rk3399/vendor/lib64/'
> [ 50% 1/2] glob .
> [  0% 8/31281] target Prebuilt: GoogleC...rSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk)
> FAILED: out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk 
> /bin/bash -c "(rm -f out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk ) && (cp \"vendor/rockchip/google/apps/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk\" \"out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk\" ) && (if (zipinfo out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk 'lib/*.so' 2>/dev/null | grep -v ' stor ' >/dev/null) ; then rm -rf out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/uncompressedlibs && mkdir out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/uncompressedlibs; unzip -q out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk 'lib/*.so' -d out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/uncompressedlibs && zip -qd out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk 'lib/*.so' && ( cd out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/uncompressedlibs && find lib -type f | sort | zip -qD -X -0 ../package.apk -@ ) && rm -rf out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/uncompressedlibs; fi ) && (if ! out/host/linux-x86/bin/zipalign -c -p 4 out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk >/dev/null ; then mv out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk.unaligned; out/host/linux-x86/bin/zipalign -f -p 4 out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk.unaligned out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk.aligned; mv out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk.aligned out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk; fi )"
> Unable to open 'out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk' for verification
> Unable to open 'out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk.unaligned' as zip archive
> mv: cannot stat ‘out/target/product/rk3399/obj/APPS/GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter_intermediates/package.apk.aligned’: No such file or directory
> [  0% 15/31281] target Prebuilt: webvie...APPS/webview_intermediates/package.apk)
> ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
> 07:08:31 ninja failed with: exit status 1

The github with the Google packages seem to be damaged, try to git clone again.
Or manually download the latest gapps pico arm64 package and replace all the *.apk files manually so they aren’t 0 size.

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pico has not GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.

It’s under the GApps folder called calsync-all.tar.lz in the open_gapps-arm64-9.0-pico*.zip
Unzip and replace.


Thank you. It’s work.

Please, update your gapps. You can download they here.

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We all downloaded and compiled all OK, now only you have a problem, maybe not downloaded completely.

Does Khadas EDGE (android 9) has sleep mode with low power mode like VIM1/2?

You are right. The EDGE has sleep mode with low power.

I don’t understand how to enter on low power mode?

How to activate UART1 ?

Activated, connected to the serial port can be used.

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No, it is not activate.
Need to activate &uart2 in rk3399-khadas-edge.dtsi

Name is ttyS2

Why EDGE does not start if uart1 is connected?
How to fix it?

This UART2 has two functions: serial port printing debugging function and common serial port.

The two config are as follows:

FIQ debugging function config of UART2:

&uart2 {
	status = "disabled";

Common serial port config of UART2:

&uart2 {
	status = "okay";

&fiq_debugger {
	rockchip,serial-id = <0xffffffff>;
	status = "okay";
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It does not work.

EDGE does not start if uart1 is connected.
How to fix it?

Please describe in more detail the phenomena and steps of the problem, and what is the serial device you are connected to?