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What’s the system of your VIM3? Android or Ubuntu?

What do you mean?


Just a query but is this still on track for Q4 or has it been pushed back?


I think it depends on Amlogic yet

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ya I suspect the same but as near as I can tell its been a few months since Terry said anything on this so thought it was worth an ask :slight_smile:

yes, I understand you, but plans tend to change for some reason sometimes :slightly_smiling_face::man_shrugging:t3:

Q4 is just around the corner…
If they change the plan now…, I am going to go berserk without an android update !! :crazy_face:

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unless, of course, the new “world virus” spoils all plans

yes, this is why I asked :slight_smile: I was mostly interested in an update on the timeline as I fully understand that delays are likely.
It would still be nice to get an update so I can have an idea if I will be working on my project before or after the new year.


I heavily depend on Android when I am bored (my main entertainment system), and since mine is used in a mobile device setup… An update to the firmware could be really nice… since android 11 (which is the expected firmware) Has a lot of cool features for debugging and stuff…

It will be a great update to my project as well…

Is one year spoiled not enough for the Heavenly ones ? :pleading_face:

good question for the “ask us anything” section, but I don’t think we get the answer, buddy

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Hello You Jun

When do you plan to release new Tone Board with balanced or SPDIF output?

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Will need to check with @Gouwa

Any plans on standardizing EMMC and SD booting, uboot, kernels for eg no mainline/stable versions and dual/multi booting via GUI like RPI NOOBS? This is confusing for a noob like me :stuck_out_tongue:

when will it come? really expected

khadas vim3 на последних двух прошивках не работает lan порт.как исправить

Привет, лучше откатиться на рабочую и уже ждать новую

Another question, can you make a video guide or provide with images or a better explantation of boot modes?
I find it very confusing what I should do to boot from EMMC, boot from SD, enter upgrade mode etc with my VIM3 and it always is 30min of trying to actually hold the buttons

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Hello, A tip for entering update mode when the VIMs have a working bootloader. Remove power, press and hold power button, while holding power button, reconnect power, continue to hold power button for up to 10 seconds. Same method can also be used to boot from some SD card OSes.
Generally, for most SD boot OSes, once it has been run once, it will usually boot to the card OS if inserted, will boot to eMMC if card removed.
Generally MASKROM mode can be reached by three presses of the function key(middle key) in under two seconds.
Other methods to enter update mode can be found here.

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@xmesaj2 it is a simple but tricky thing, but it can be mastered with some practice, also a short note, when doing the standard KEYS MODE

just hold the power first, then insert the power cable

wait for the logo to appear and hit the reset button, keep holding the power button just till the logo reappears, and let it go, this should put the device in upgrade mode,

also one more note, if you have a 4.9 linux image in the eMMC, booting another 4.9 linux image from SD card is not possible, however with mainline linux and uboot it is possible (as seen with Krescue)


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I have generally found that just holding Power button, reconnect power, hold button for up to 10 seconds will do it, additional steps not required. At least regarding the USB Burning Tool flashing.