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Yup the PoE was dropped because not everybody needs it, and the PoE transformer is big and expensive. The New M2X aims to provide SSD and 4G support, which is more popular. :smiley:

You can still buy the Original M2X, which has the PoE components on board.

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Well if you connect a VIM3 to the New M2X it won’t fit inside the existing DIY Case. It could be possible to 3D print a casing.

As for a video of 4G / SSD on a VIM3 or 3L, I think I could schedule that.

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Hi, is the OS08A10 8MP HDR Camera global or rolling shutter and is it possible to get a longer 24” cable for it? The vim3L looks like it supports 2 cameras but do they receive the same clock signal and can they support 1080p 60fps as stereo pairs recording to disk(s)?

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Hi @Rhietanen,

For answers to your questions, you can check out the camera’s datasheet here:

For other answers, maybe @Gouwa or @Terry can help.

The VIM3L don’t support MIPI Camera(OS08A10), because S905D3 hasn’t the ISP module.

MIPI signal is a high-speed signal, it is not recommended to use too long FPC, and usb camera is generally recommended for it.

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I am sorry I am bringing this very late into this topic,
why did you decide not to allow the vim3 to be powered by the GPIO ?
and, importantly Why the VIN connector why not some other connector like JST connector ?

oh and by the way my previous question was not answered,

please tell me i am begging to know why :sob:

Are the lenses on the cameras provided by Khadas interchangeable C-mount lenses?

There are tons of mega cheap C-mount lenses on eBay, from very wide to tele-photo and It would be nice to use them for different projects.

If you’re referring to DSLR C-mount (which is what I’m familiar with), then nope. The VIM3 camera lens is much smaller.

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@DROBNJAK your not referencing the Rasberry pi camera are you ? :smile:

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Speaking of Rasberry pi,
Can anyone at Khadas make a config manager like the one Rasberry pi has to change the settings like enable SPI, I2C, enable many things, etc.
like the pics below,

@tsangyoujun any ideas


Thanks for the images.

That is M12 lens mount. You should really mention that on the product’s web page. It’s very important for buying decision.

Anyway, it is a very popular lens mount for security cameras and SBC cameras, so there is a huge choice of such lenses on the eBay and Amazon.

Vary good.

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Thanks for that, I’ll update the product descriptions. :slight_smile:

Was browsing around and found these at EO:

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Krescue? Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system

@tsangyoujun I am not referring to Krescue , it is a system configuration file in Ubuntu/Debian which allows you to change / update / modify system settings like enable GPIO, serial, expand file system etc.


I see. Maybe @hyphop will have some ideas about that. :slight_smile:


@numbqq, @Gouwa, @tsangyoujun, will you be releasing images with lima driver enabled?

@tsangyoujun is there any plan for a Glass screen protector for the TS050 display, such an expensive and delicate accessory, would be a shame if it got scratched, maybe sapphire glass screen protector for that dimension ?:thinking:

Before this we need mainline kernel drivers pleaseeeeeeeee


Oops forgot about that, What good is the display if you can’t use it anyway, :crazy_face:
Thanks for pointing that out @Spikerguy

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When will the new FW of VIM3 be available,
which fixing the steaming app’s dot to dot issue?