Armbian + KODI (Ubuntu\Debian) for SD & USB & eMMC


Have you tried adding the correct dtb file instead of the existing one ?


Yes, it boots fine, even the SMB share works and I can access the update folder and logs but Im guessing there is an issue with the screen/GUI because it does not get past the OpenPHT screen.

Others on the LE forum reported the same so its definitely the image.


Perhaps not all settings for s912 were used during the Assembly. There are two solutions. Or fix the current build with kernel “3.14”. Either wait for the basic kernel with support for the free version of HW and exit at its base Libreelec, with subsequent Assembly OpenPHT based on it.


Thanks. Hopefully one of those things will happen, Veisen does not seem to be working on it any more :frowning:


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Image update kernel 4.18 (catalog 5.44).


Updated images kernel 3.14 and 4.18.

Add dtb for p281 (S905W).

Please note that installation in eMMC, a system with kernel 4.18, is possible only when using u-boot-2018 and formatting the eMMC in normal disk mode.


Hi dukla2000:

I come across the problem same as yours.
How do you work out the problem, can you share the details?
where can I find kvim2-update?


Sorry I haven’t got a pc in front of me so uncertain: think kvim2-update is in /use/sbin. But it is on the path so sudo kvim2-update should run fine.


Good news. The standard u-boot can be "taught"to work with eMMC as with a regular disk. I created a simple script that creates an MSDOS partition table in eMMC and keeps the regular u-boot working. This allows you to work with partitions from Linux by standard means. :slight_smile:


The new version of Armbian 20180804 with kernel 4.18 and the ability to install in eMMC mode in normal disk mode for vim1 models (I have not yet tested on VIM2, but maybe there the same will work this order). To install on an EMMC, you must follow the exact order of the steps.

  1. To restore the eMMC to the latest factory firmware of Android (this is an important step, because all the testing I have done with the latest version of firmware and can guarantee the operation only in this mode VIM1_Nougat_V180619).
  2. Write the Armbian 20180804 4.18 image to the media and be sure to add the correct dtb file.
  3. Be sure to update the universal multi-download using the latest image Armbian 20180804 (without this item you will not run from the eMMC).
  4. Start Armbian from external media and execute on behalf of the user “root” backup utility eMMC “ddbr”. Create a full backup using it (I recommend using a compressed copy).
  5. On behalf of the user “root” run script “/boot/”. Reboot.
  6. On behalf of the user “root” run script “/root/”. Wait for it to complete and shut down the system.
    Turn off the external media, and turn on the power to VIM1 … pray that the new system starts with eMMC. :slight_smile:
    It is strongly recommended to perform these steps only to experienced users and to be ready for brick restoration.

For particularly advanced, there is a second mode of with a full replacement of the regular u-boot-2015 to u-boot-2018, but this option is very extreme and is suitable only for experienced users.


For those who want to make the most of the entire eMMC for Linux hosting. Additional installation option Armbian 4.18 kernel in eMMC.
To install in the eMMC firmware VIM1_Ubuntu-xenial_Linux-3.14_mate_arm64_EMMC_2018-05-31. Download the link script “”

and place it on an external media in the BOOT (FAT) partition. Run Armbian from external media, execute script “/boot/” and install Armbian on eMMC (execute script “/root/”).

You can do without installing new firmware in eMMC and install Armbian 4.18 on any firmware. To do this, you must first install a new u-boot on the eMMC. Download the link in this post file “u-boot-ubuntu-2015.img” and write it from the Armbian 4.18 system running from external media, to eMMC with the command “dd if=u-boot-ubuntu-2015.img of=/dev/mmcblk1”. After that restart VIM1 and execute two scripts from that message described above.


I know i read it somewhere, but can’t find it, is there a way to speed up search in synaptic, i am using newest image debian xfce 4.18 on vim1.


This information was discussed at Armbian forum.


On the last images Armbian 20180804 (Mate\XFCE) kernel 4.18 WiFi is available in the VIM1 S905x without manual intervention. :slight_smile:


Balbes150, about synaptic slow search.

I did a search, found something about editing armbian configuration, but there was no precise answer, i never ran armbian conf, i know you can configure a lot of stuff with it, but i don’t know what exactly i need to edit.


Armbian installation with 4.18 kernel in eMMC with switch to u-boot-2018. To install u-boot-2018 on the eMMC. Follow the link to download two files.

Run from external Armbian media (version >= 20180806), create a full backup of the eMMC. Run to “root” user “dd if=u-boot-2018-linux.img of=/dev/mmcblk1”. Restart VIM. The system should start using the new u-boot-2018. To install in eMMC Armbian , execute the user root script “” and then run the installation script “” After these steps, u-boot-2018 will be installed on the eMMC. Please note that the new u-boot-2018 can run only new versions of Armbian LE with 4.18 kernel from external media. These images have additional scripts to work with u-boot-2018. To run other systems, you need to add the necessary files to work with u-boot-2018.

Which is compatible with vim? USB to TTL Serial UART module