Archlinuxarm plans

Are there any plans to support such rolling release distribution. many arm devices are supported maybe someone with more knowledge can use odroid c2 rootfs and prepare something for khadas vim pro?

There are a few test images with ArchLinux for Amlogic S9xxx.

This is the most recent (author SFS).

There is still an older version.

Can you ask him if he can release clean rootfs which can be written to mSD like for RPi3 ar Odroid C2. All achlinuxarm release which I have tried came with just few basic stuff to boot and have cli working, everything else can be installed with pacman. This release you point in my opinion have to much bloat/tools/stuff not needed for everyone…
I hope he can release such clean rootfs and be in Archlinux KISS.

Instructions on how to build your minimum option.

Thank you @balbes150 for askting sfs about clean rootfs. Well i just point what are archlinuxarm goals:

We are a port of Arch Linux, which aims for simplicity and full control to the end user. We provide a light-weight base structure that allows you to shape the system to your needs.

So maybe sfs can create such image to be dd to mSD card which is just lit-weight base, and then his repository so the one can install what ever he would like.
I know pacman -R can delete stuff but why to have them installed at all.

I’ll try to use sfs release but an almost as “archlinuxarm” image would here be preferred.

I don’t understand why Khadas is going with *buntu at all…

As he said, it is not possible to support different options. You can create a minimal image and publish it for General use. If you need help on debugging and add a working multi-boot and kernel, I will try to help You.

I checked the instructions for creating a minimal version of ArchLinux. As it turned out, it is very simple and can handle any user. You can create variants with different kernels. For example , the last kernel 4.11. By the way, with this kernel even easier to collect the right way, just unzip copy the archive to this-do not need to add the configuration file for the monitor. If You’re interested, I can write the steps or build image.

If you have time please do so, i never build anything with uboot or such and don’t get it where to start. But hope to learn this from more experience people.

Do I understand correctly that You are interested in a minimal system image ArchLinux for a normal run multiboot from external media ? What version of kernel you are interested in 3.14 or 4.11 ? Pay attention that in the core of 4.11 while there is no USB support on the platform S905X\S912 (all control is carried out either via the UART console or over the network via SSH). I can collect all images, but I have limited space on the website, so You will need to take the collected images and to host for you.

Yes I am interested in a minimal system image of Archlinuxarm like the one for RPi3 (this just boots to CLI).

Well as i remmember mali works only with 3.14 but i could compile mainline kernel once the VIM boots archlinuxarm.

Updated the minimum images with ArchLinux (20170517).

login root
password root

The basis is this set.

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Balbes, thanks for the image.

You have downloaded a version kernel 4.11 ? I plan to remove this version (4.11) from the site due to lack of space.

Hi I did downloaded both version. Is this img file to use with dd ?

Yes, these are images for recording on external media.

can you post md5sum so i am sure my download was completed.

I leave them till a full check from you.

Added the option image kernel 4.9.26 (with working USB). I have decided to leave all the images ArchLinux and update it as new kernel.
A part of the image 4.9.26 by default already copied dtb file to S905X (dtb.img). To use this image to s912 - you need to manually add the correct dtb file.

I got instruction from Matin Blumenstingl how to create my own ArchLinuxArm installation. Which I pimp a bit and testet. As soon as Martin give me an Ok I will publish the instruction here, to to prepare microSD card with official ArchLinuxARM Generic AArch64 rootfs.

@balbes150 I also have all your image downloaded in case you would like to delete them to free up some space on your hosting.
Additional to that can you provide your PKGBUILD file (and all what it goes with it) for kernel 4.9.26 so I can try to compile it here?

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Please publish test results and instructions soon