Archlinuxarm plans

What do you mean by the PKGBUILD file ?
This is the source code of which is going to this version of the kernel 4.9.26 ?

Well ArchLinux and ArchLinuxArm uses PKGBUILD file to create packages which can installed/deinstalled (something like .deb files on buntu).

Here you can see how it looks like for linux-aarch64-rc kernel. I was thinking you did create your image with PKGBUILD files.

No, I didn’t use PKGBUILD , the kernel simply collected from source and placed in the image.

You mean you used amlogic buildroot files and compiled kernel from it? Did you used any other patches?

This below looks like amlogic kernel from latest buildroot

Yes, sources taken from BUIDROOT. I use my branch (amlogic) in git (it added patches to build the kernel for Armbian).

update multiboot image ArchLinux (for SD and USB)


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