Any how to for applying the 3705 fan?

I received the 3705 cooling fan and want to mount it onto the heatsink. I noticed one side of the fan is open and I’m not sure which way I should mount it.

I just tried one side and I can’t properly close the case anymore. Is this normal? Is there more information available on how to mount / configure the hardware into the case?


hole towards the processor)

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Does this work for anybody? The case is horrible. Without the fan I had some space for the antennas. Can’t close the case anymore because the fan is blocking the cover :frowning:

What should I do now?

for antennas, there are markings on the edge of the housing, put in them)

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Which case are you using? the DIY case which comes along with the purchase right ?

If it is the DIY case then it should fit in properly.

The open side of the fan should face the heatsink fins. So that the fan will blow air towards the fins making it cool down faster.
Please check this images to understand which side to put the fan opening side

After you fix the fan and the heatsink like shown above. You can close the DIY case like this.

I hope this is helpful to you.


Yes, I’m using the DIY case.

Thanks for the help so far. I think I just managed to get it all inside and close the case :slight_smile:


Thanks good to hear. I will close this thread.

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Having the same issue here, the gpio cutout pushes against the fan and can’t get a clean close. It has been one headache after another with the Diy case from short usb-c cable head, difficulty fitting the antennas around the board, to incompatibility with the fan. Someone might want to put that in a foot note with Vim 3 compatibility or redesign the diy case.

Hello, Have a look here for workarounds.

Can someone advice how to make the fan work on manjaro linux kernel 5.3.0-1 ? Tried using it but fan never started. It just starts for few seconds when I power on the device and then nothing when using the OS.

Please advice.

I have no experience with Manjaro, but this might help?

It’s standard running on auto mode and should only be activated when the fan is needed to cool the device

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Thanks for the reply but this is when the fan module is present in the kernel.
Maybe someone from the Khadas team can advice or @hyphop Please advice how to make fan work on Manjaro Linux.

linux mainline kernel don’t have fan driver
but we still can use fan via simple i2c

next one can works without any kernel support via i2c and no need extra deps

Thanks for the reply.
Tried this but getting an error
i2c device not found b 0x18 0x88

what is missing here?

vim3 mainline kernel have poor dtb and lost some definitions

u can fix it just add i2c3 definition to dts files

check my dts for vim3

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Thank You.
I plan to add this as patch to the existing Amlogic kernel and try it with your fan receipt.

Also is there something similar for Vim1 V14 ?
Please advice so I can add both the patches to 1 build and test it.

Made a patch with your i2c3 definition and copied it to the boot and used your khadas-util but still getting the same error

‘I2c device not found by 0x18 0x88’

plz check my mainline kernel >
u can get just dtb file for vim3

reboot with new dtb and check i2c support

$ ls /dev/i2c-?
/dev/i2c-0  /dev/i2c-1  /dev/i2c-2
$ find /sys/firmware/devicetree -name "i2c@*"
$ zcat /proc/config.gz  | grep I2C_MESON
$ i2cdetect -l
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These are all present.

I have these.

This shows a list with 1d000, 1f000, 1c000, 1e000

Yes its there in kernel.

I see 2 Meson I2C adapter and 1 DesignWare HDMI.

I will share the same logs later, just ran this quickly to respond to you with my finding.

Still I am getting the same error. I will try to use your dtb and check it
Edit : tried your dtb and its still the same. I am using VIm3 pro.

Here are the screenshots


Spikerguy’s DTB used with i2c3 definition patch.

@hyphop Please advice.

!!! plz try to use my dtb ! becouse u lost one i2c node !!!