Сan't revive SPDIF on a Tone Board

Hello my dear friends! Faced an unsolvable problem, can’t revive SPDIF on a tonal Board in windows environment. Connect the usb original cord and other manufacturers. I put drivers from the website of the producer, deleted them and so on. The sound Card is visible in Windows, ASIO and WASAPI visible, but the sound can only be heard with an analog connection, the digital output is dead. So should I or did I miss something in the product description? Please help, I want to watch movies in 5.1 format , and here even 2.0 is not available. :upside_down_face:

Hello, From the Specs shown here, Generic Tone board version does not support SPDIF output. Only the VIM version supports SPDIF out as it passes SPDIF out from the VIMs’ GPIO.
SPDIF input is supported on both version.

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Thank you very much, kind man! Another small question is whether I understood from the specification that SPDIF signal is transmitted only through 40 pin bus? With USB this signal will not receive the output?

Assuming you mean the TB’s SPDIF output, that signal is generated on the VIMs SBCs and passed thru via VIMs’ and TB’s mating GPIO connectors, to the TB’s SPDIF connector.

I have not tried feeding the TB’s SPDIF input connector with an SPDIF signal when powering over USB-C, so not sure on this feature.


Focus point of attention to the question, has anyone managed to get sound to the external DAC from SPDIF output, when connected to the computer via USB? If there are such, respond please! I’m waiting to pre-order my edge-v, I will continue to conduct research. :eyeglasses: