Android version downgrading issue @jasonl @goenjoy
Right now am using android12 on my vim3 board, but when I tried to downgrade the android version from 12 to 11 am not able to boot the OS. Before flashing android 12, android 11 was working perfectly for me. Is this due to any bootloader mismatch issue? If so what should I do to downgrade my android version.

@neeraj you can down it,to flash the Android 11 image.
You can also download the Android 11 branch again.

@neeraj You should be careful not to make mistakes in the uboot file.


I did the same steps and got the build successful, while flashing also I didn’t got any error.
But the android screen is not showing up, the white led is blinking.

This is what it is showing on the screen. When I click on factory reset it will show error.

@neeraj You can flash Android 9 according to this document.

Khadas VIM3 Android Firmware | Khadas Documentation

Thanks it worked. Btw any updates on hwcodec2?