Android 9 Partition Repack Tool For AML

Saw this over at Freaktab. Thought there may be some interest.
I have not used it, so I cannot determine its suitability.
If you find it useful, please let the developer, bumerc, know. :slightly_smiling_face:

If I am correct…, it is some kind of backup tool for AML android firmware, that can also do backups of individual system partitions…

Seems nice…

Looked like it might be able to do what @BowerR64 was wanting to do. If so, it will take someone like you to help them with it. :slightly_smiling_face:
“A small tool for repacking the main partitions system, vendor, odm and product, insert init.d, root access etc., and build an aml_upgrade_package installation image”.

Yes, perhaps it will be useful for his problem…
I can help him with the backup, I don’t know about the tool, till you have mentioned it here, but I will try it out, and explain to him of how to use it… but only after I have gain some experience first… :smile:

it says there, for advanced users :wink:

Define the term “Advanced user” :grin:
I don’t read the fine print much… so I don’t care about there instruction often , and I just wing it :joy:

Yes, that is why I did not volunteer to help, I ain’t advanced enough. :laughing: