Packageing AOSP build

Can anyone direct me to some information on how to compile an AOSP build into the update.img single file that can be flashed onto a VIM with the Amlogic USB burning tool under windows?

I am thinking of maintaining a weekly build of the AOSP for others to test.

I have a fairly powerful i9 system at my disposal so refreshing the repo and compiling it up ready to flash only takes me about 1.5 hrs
Since it just took me about 2 weeks to learn how to do all that, I thought I would help others avoid that and get testing Andorid 11 on the VIM3 and submitting issue tickets :slight_smile:



We are also thinking about how to do this, but there are more things involved and it takes more time. :grinning:


Hi ,Terry! Amlogic has anything to say about this? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Terry @JustSumDad will this be of any use here ?
Android 9 Partition Repack Tool For AML

its a repack tool for android 9, but I think it should work just fine given the way AOSP partitioning is similar to that of android 9…


Thanx Electr1 I will play with this for a day or two and see how it pans out.