Add LTE module in vim3l board

I am trying to add LTE module in vim3l board. So that I have some doubte.

  1. When we are adding LTE module so that any changes require in the source code which i have donwload for the vim3l pie version.
  2. Is there any document available for 4G LTE support in vim3L
  3. How we can configure and add file like calling, chat and every think for the vim3l and how we can get service and app in the my source code which i have download with official side .( Download The Android Source Code | Khadas Documentation ).

please check the forums, we have discussed this issue before :slightly_smiling_face:

replace the name of the driver you obtained from your modem vendor with "" and update the driver.

best of luck

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I didn’t got any file from modem vendor and when i connected “quectel em06-e” module it’s showing no sim found on the system. Is there any functionality for calling and chat. “” is already available and I didn’t get any file from khadas when I order this module.

if you ordered the module from khadas, its not an issue
the driver is preloaded.

the module is only for 4G cellular, not calling, but you can use any internet based messaging service like telegram etc.

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I have ordered the module from khadas site only there was two option one for Asia and another for US/Europe We have bough the Asia one. We are connecting according to process and we are checking for the sim detection for cellular but it’s displaying no sim card connected. “Quectel EM06 4G LTE Module” for the asia one.

what carrier are you using, sometime sim cards are locked/unactivated and don’t work out of the box with the cellular services

I are using Airtel and i have checked that sim is not locked,inactive and cellular service is also working fine on the mobile but when i connecting on the board it’s not working you can see on the image.

@goenjoy @

you’ve connected the antenna and make sure the SIM card is in the correct position right ?

I have connected antenna. Even there is 3 port to connect antenna C,G,D port I have connected all one by one and also check SIM position but still it’s displaying No SIM card.

When we are trying to downoad img file from official side that time it’s detecting sim but network is not coming but when we are trying to flash our source code img which we are downloaded from official side that time sim not connected issue is coming.
Note:- 1. Network is not coming on the downloaded img file from khadas page.
2. No sim card connected issue is coming in the our source code which we have download from the official side and build after that flash on the board.


@goenjoy @Electr1

I am getting detection sim when I am trying to check with the firmware .img file() which is available on the official side But when i am trying to check with my code which i have downloaded from side and build that source code after flashing it’s not detecting.

  1. When we are flashing official firmware .img file it’s showing network icon without sim but with sim it’s detecting sim and working fine.
  2. When we are flashing our source code which we have downloaded from official link after build flashing it’s not showing network icon and also not detecting sim it’s showing only sim not connected.

Obviously there’s something wrong with your build firmware. Before making any changes, we should start from the following two aspects:

  1. Ensure that the downloaded code is complete and correct
  2. Make sure the compiled command is correct

@goenjoy @Electr1
I have checked that download and compiled is correct and generating proper img file.

What compile command do you use?

@goenjoy @Electr1

For compile i am using following steps…

  1. source build/
  2. lunch kvim3l-userdebug
  3. make -j4 otapackage
  1. Please upload your compiled firmware and send it to me
  2. Execute the following command and send me this document(snapshot.xml)
repo manifest -o snapshot.xml -r
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I will send firmware file but i checked following difference

  1. when I am using official firmware img that time it’s showing all usb port.
    ls -la dev/ttyUSB*
    crwxrwxrwx 1 root root 188, 0 2011-01-01 17:30 dev/ttyUSB0
    crw------- 1 root root 188, 1 2011-01-01 17:30 dev/ttyUSB1
    crwxrwxrwx 1 root root 188, 2 2011-01-01 17:55 dev/ttyUSB2
    crw------- 1 root root 188, 3 2011-01-01 17:30 dev/ttyUSB3
  2. When I am trying to check in my firmware it’s not showing any files.

Now sim module is working now. Thanks for your support.
I have one query. I am looking for the device which I can connect through khadas vim3l board and it’s able to create wifi. That device should connect directly through the optical fiber cable for the internet.

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy Can you describe it in detail?

Please follow the details.

  1. I want to connect new hardware device in the khadas board that device should able to connect with internet fiber cable and create wifi.
  2. Wifi should connect in the board and other devices.
  3. That device should connect with vim3l android firmware and compatible with khadas vim3l android board.