Firmware VIM3_Pie_V200103+M2X+ME906E

@ThomasHH-DE I have a suggestion, do not take me wrong, why don’t you just buy the Quectel modem ?, maybe you can just return your huawei modem instead, just my personal advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Why the Huawei and not the Quectel modem?
1.) The Huawei modems are very common here in good old Germany. This does not apply to the Quectel modems.
2.) the Quectel modem would cost another 70 euros.
3.) If Khadas products really only work with special hardware and a quick and uncomplicated implementation is not possible, then Khadas products are not the right ones.

I wouldn’t normally tinker around that long. The return is actually already arranged. Only if there is really a solution this week that works:

1.) GPS must work (for WAZE or Google Maps etc.)
2.) LTE must also work without restrictions
3.) The 7 "touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi (touch function is implemented here via USB) must work without restrictions
3.) Bluetooth audio streaming must work
4.) It should actually be possible to make calls

I can use khadas. It must be able to be used as a full smartphone replacement.

Why the whole thing? An alternative radio cannot be installed in many Renault vehicles with a factory navigation system. The navigation systems are very bad and will not work after 2 years if you have not subscribed to the so-called “live services” for more than 2 years. Due to the permanently installed mobile phone card, reactivation is no longer possible.

Many people have already tried to use an alternative. Unfortunately so far with very little success. I have now installed the 7 "Raspberry Pi display instead of the navigation screen. A docking station is connected to it. The display is then mirrored by my Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

For this you need a Huawei smartphone of the Mate Pro series from version 10. In addition, a stand-alone solution is preferred.

However, a possible solution must not go beyond the financial framework. If the solution becomes too expensive, you can also use a radio like this:

and in addition to the factory-installed radio behind the fitting. The sound would then also be streamed via Bluetooth to the factory-installed radio. The functionality of the steering wheel remote control would also be retained.

The community is very large here. Many are waiting for a working alternative. It remains to be seen whether the alternative is called Khadas.

At this point, sorry again for the bad English, but I just have to work with the Google translator.


@ThomasHH-DE I understand your problem, My father works as the engineering dept. here in India for Renault and Nissan, he has told of such implications that exist in europe, as he has also been there as well,

I am deeply sorry for your plight if we cannot do more, but as a full phone replacement ?, I have no trust that any other device other than a phone itself can mimic itself, Calls are not possible on any SBC, I am damn sure, only cellular data can be used from those modems

But if you are not satisfied at all you cannot be blamed fro, please take a look at other CarPC builds on out forum for inspiration, I am letting you decide past this point,

Guten Tag, my friend :slight_smile:

@Electr1 I already thought about making a phone call. That doesn’t work with the Leez either. But you could still get over it.

The Huawei devices are just not a good solution because it is no longer possible to root these devices. So far I haven’t found any other smartphone where it works as well as with the Huawei device.

If that doesn’t work with the Khadas then I have to take the Leez. It all works quite well with that - only the storage space is extremely limited and apps on a USB stick or SD card make the system very slow again. Khadas would be a very good alternative. Unfortunately these devices are only available in a very, very limited way and are hardly represented. Therefore, I can only publish detailed instructions if I have a product where everything fits.

PS .: So your father is responsible for the Desater of the Renault systems :slight_smile:


whoah, buddy he is only the design team of the physical car parts (bumper, side panels etc.) not the Instument panel, but I can hook you up with that guy, you can take your anger out on him :rofl:

I haven’t the HUAWEI ME906E module. But I can list the method adding ME906E support for you. And you need to have a try on VIM3_Pie_V200624 firmware. Thanks

# adb root
# adb remount
# adb push  /vendor/lib/
# adb shell sync
# adb reboot

If the ME906E still don’t work after doing above steps , you need to update the boot image

# adb root
# adb remount
# adb push boot.img  /system/boot.img
# adb shell
# adb shell dd if=/system/boot.img  of=/dev/block/boot 
# adb shell sync
# adb shell reboot

@Terry this will solve @ThomasHH-DE problem right ?, along with anyone else having the Huawei modem problem right?

yes, hope Thomas figure it out

Too bad - I tried both versions right away. Exchanging did result in the modem being displayed, but no connection was made via LTE. The exchange of boot.img did not change either:

I want to clarify, your mobile operator does not require additional settings for the new device?
something like registering a new device

No, no special settings are necessary. The LTE modem including the mobile phone card runs without problems in the notebook. It also worked on Ubuntu

Thank you, I understand you

With version 20200624 it is also not possible to use special characters such as the @. If I try to log in to the Play Store with this version, I cannot. I cannot type @ with the physical keyboard and the Android keyboard does not appear at all.

I am offered the configuration of the keyboard. As soon as I click this option, the menu closes. I cannot set the keyboard layout.

When I try to open the virtual keyboard, it does not work because the square is also automatically clicked on, as can be seen in the picture:

you need to enable the virtual keyboard in the settings

No, I can set what I want - the keyboard is not shown. Also try changing the keyboard settings (AOSP) to German (QWERTZ) - this is simply not possible. If you set this, it only takes over “Afrikaans (QWERTZ)”. This is not correct either:

I can typed @ with the physical keyboard and the virtual keyboard on VIM3_Pie_V200624 firmware.


So the virtual keyboard is not shown to me. But only in this firmware. the @ sign … Yes, unfortunately I can’t change the layout of the physical keyboard, but now that I know that the @ sign is on the 2, it works too. The English keyboard layout appears to be set. Ours looks a little different here:


Yes I see, your Y and Z are also swapped, I believe it is in accordance with deutsche alphabet :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh, - stop, - command back. The virtual keyboard is still displayed. But only if the physical is not connected.
No, the German alphabet works differently. But all other characters are assigned differently. Could we all agree here and now that only German keyboards can be built and sold? :slight_smile:


I do not object you…, there are different keyboards for different locales
but… cherry MX keyboard switches are, proudly made in Germany :blush:

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