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Khadas Edge | Hackable, Expandable SBC Based On RK3399.

Product Highlights:

  • Khadas Edge, an entirely new SBC concept that is both hackable and expandable.
  • Next generation, category leading performance and rich IO in a small physical footprint.
  • Onboard programmable STM8S MCU expands the potential project applications beyond conventional SBCs.
  • Faster CPU based on RK3399: two performance-cores up to 1.8GHz, and four efficiency-cores up to 1.5GHz.
  • Mainline Linux & U-Boot Supported

Website - https://www.khadas.com/edge
Documentation - https://docs.khadas.com/edge/
Press Kit & Specifications - https://dl.khadas.com/Press-Kit/edge.zip

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by mainline Linux does that mean I will be able to use it as I would use Linux on the PC? I ask because while the vim2 offers Ubuntu the package managers are absent from the dualboot’s Ubuntu mate.

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