A weird copy of Khadas?

So yesterday i was reading an old post on this forum from 2018 about the EDGE some one mentioned its form factor and why they chose the Khadas board.

One of the posters in the thread mentioned “it was either the Khadas or the Rock960”

So i go to Amazon and i search the Rock960 board and i kinda like how the chipset is under the board and the case is a HUGE heatsink.The board is very Khadas like

So next i go to their forum (Smartfly) and its a trip, the forum is identical to this one. I alway thought Khadas was kinda of unique in how it builds its boards and the other devices. The forum is also different then any other forum ive been on but when i went to the smartfly forum its idential to this one it was very strange.

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Rock960 ? that’s a part of the 96boards form factor…
Yes, I’ve seen those boards, quite small and sleek

quite like the VIMs form factor, but with some differences…
If you want, take a look at this youtuber named Charbax, I’m his absolute fan of his tours, check him out if you want to get hooked up with cool SBC’s and Tech you can’t buy… (for now) :grin:

Yes going back over what i was surfing around yesterday it is 96Boards, but the forum was what shocked me. Ive never seen a forum like this before in my 20 some years of online surfing and to run into another forum like it with an SBC that is almost a clone of the EDGE or Khadas boards just seems kinda weird for some reason.

Ide like to get one if it wasnt for the RK3399, for some reason im not liking that chip, i mean its a fast chip but for how old it is they just dont seem very stable and never have

There are Alot… of 96 boards maybe take a peek at the lemaker Hikey boards, they might savvy your use cases…

Do you mean the forum software? It seems to be rather popular with Chinese firms, I’ve found.

CoreELEC also uses the same forum software, it’s called discourse and a lot of companies are using it.

Discourse is just a open forum service provider,
and it offers many different “skins” of which the khadas forum skin, is a bit “rare” to come by, as it requires a lot of coding the UI, that’s why not many forum look as cool as this one or the coreelec one…

Any website starting with the “Https://Forum.” is a part of the Discourse subdomain…

Is Smartfly a reseller of Khadas boards? They have a store on Amazon that sells Khadas boards.

I’ve never seen that, I’ve seen youyeetoo reselling khadas boards, but not anyone else…
can you share a link ?, what is their seller profile ?

I went to watch a youtube video about the board and the only one i really find is from 2017 when the board was about to launch. Its a great LOOKING board but they must of missed the mark because i dont see much support for it.

I think Khadas did it right by releasing a case and stuff to go with their boards rather then leaving the community up to doing what they want with it. I mean its designed to do more but having a starting point is the key a board and case then go from there with it.

A good looking case im sure helped, i know it helped me make my choice to get one

I want to get something with a snapdragon chip

buy a phone and you will have something on Snapdragon

Yeah sorry im new to all these SBCs


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this chip is adapted for phones, it’s like Amlogic or Rockchip for phones, it won’t work either, or everything will work very badly

Yes but i have an XU4 :zipper_mouth_face: and it is also from the Galaxy S5 :+1:

there is an Exynos5422 processor, is it good? I doubt about any attempts to implement, I have heard a lot, but they are not popular

a SBC with a snapdragon is your worst nightmare, If you brick it by accident, you will have one expensive silicon paperweight,

also it will be damn expensive, snapdragon doesn’t vendor to many companies other than phone makers…

and all of the available SBC are actually just SoM’s…

But i figure its like how many years old now?

These things are already so far behind phones why cant they use left over stock?

there is only one “Alive” snapdragon SBC make other than 96boards foundation, I know of…

they are more suited for doing robo-things, I’d stick to just using VIMs as it is more versatile for every application, wouldn’t spend my money on anything else, especially those pesky SoM’s…

P.S as I said, they are expensive, so if you plan to get one, you need to do more than just ask them to deliver it in the pooch door, your wife will definitely look at the bill and flip out…