96% Aluminum case and throttling test

I created a unique style aluminum case for KHADAS vim3.
I named it Soap Box Computer.

Its height is 18mm (can be reduced to 16mm)
90 mm long and 64 mm wide

My original intention was to make it compatible with M2 and TB, like this.

But time and energy are very limited, so it is temporarily incompatible with TB and M2.

But after some simple modifications, it should be compatible with M2 and TB.
As long as a screw hole corresponding to TB is added on this basis, it should be fully compatible with TB. (I do n’t have TB, so for aesthetic reasons, I did n’t add a similar screw hole)

I actually downloaded the TB STEP file, but it is too thick, so its shell size cannot be symmetrical to SOAPBOX. Visually I cannot accept it.


That’s pretty stylish. I’m guessing you’re aiming for full passive cooling?

throttling test

Air purification shows that my indoor temperature is 21C.
The air conditioner was not turned on.

Please pay attention to time and temperature

Yes, I cannot accept the sound of a fan.

Please be careful when removing the fan!

Oh dear, that’s not good!

Impressive performance on the case, though!

Wow impressive looking case!
Can I ask what testing software it is?

"CPU Throttling Test ":slightly_smiling_face:

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Some pictures


Fantastic work!

Are you planning to build and sell? If yes I am interested.
How does BT and WIFI behave?


Both Bluetooth and WIFI can work normally.
I am just a KHADAS fan, not a businessman, so I will not mass produce it.

what about the rest of the Khadas fans?:blush:

You put a lot of thought into it.
Well done on the achievement.
This is something for Khadas team to look at. @tsangyoujun

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Khadas now has fresh ideas :wink:

just have a lot to consider, like a WiFi signal, etc.

Looks like the Vent Slots can be used to pass WiFi Antenae Lead through and have antenae externally if it is a problem.

Khadas’ uniqueness is in its mobility!:slightly_smiling_face:
in this he differs from the rest!

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Beautiful design, what was the unit cost? @RRZC777


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Hello! we have lost you! what are you doing now, any new ideas?:blush:

Hello Vladimir,

I just returned to China. Will be a few days before I can return to the office!

We will be continuing with the testing for the passive radiator first. But yes we could also consider the aluminium casing - depends on the unit cost.

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yes, I would also really like the case itself to be as reliable as the Khadas board! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes, in order to get a better WIFI signal, the vent is actually designed for WIFI.
If you look closely, you will find that the WIFI antenna is bare.
When using KHADAS CASE, WIFI ICON only displays 2/3 of the signal.
The signal status is now full grid!

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