8WoW - Update Folder Versions

Hi Khadas,

There is a current issue with the oowow updating system where files under the folder oowow:

Dont get updated since May 23…

oowow fetches for updates in this folder https://dl.khadas.com/products/oowow/system/
which are not updated accordingly to this one: https://dl.khadas.com/products/oowow/system/versions/edge2/

Therefore it wont update.

I have manually updated it oowow method using the spi to sd file.

And got it to the latest version and apparently the oowow full screen via type C works voiding my older post about this:

Have yous forgot to update it… are those… testing versions not yet completed?


By the way I used the file spi from sd on an usb pen drive and use the write to emmc… option… The file didnt registered on the device… after a restart it shows back on the previous version :person_facepalming: so basically I did it wrong.

Or maybe it did but because the latest file on the ‘updating’ folder is older… it reverted oowow back to that version. :person_facepalming: