2k Resolution OoWoW

Ooowaoowuuuuii doesnt gets full screen on this small 2k screen :sob::sob::sob: needs fix I think…

tell me plz which device ?

The one and only off course the mighty khadas edge 2.

Love this monitor tho… I can give u the correct brand name tomorrow if you want.

yes edge2 - can have problem like this!
your 2k Display can support FullHD ? or just 2K

I think it can its here for some reason today is available.

it’s not interesting I just interested about hw specification can u check it
do u have same problem in another distro for example can u setup real FullDH 60hz ?

Nope no problems anywhere only on oowow.
Yes If by FHD u mean 1080p and lower at 60fps yes.
I will add some pictures of it later on.

I just finished work and doing night shifts is what had been keeping from giving you all the info.


okay i will check and try to fix it - tnx

Im actually surprised Im the only one noticing this…
Most likely its a miner thing.

still not check sorry ! was buzzy
problem can exist - but for some cases !!! for example my 4k display works well
need more explore – wait

HypHop no rush … I just reported the case despite its smaller size I can use it perfectly fine.
Update: Recent OOWOW versions have it fixed.