3rd-Party Ubuntu ROM for Khadas VIM


You are correct about the Ext partition not getting expanded. So that will have to be done manually. I will amend the steps to include this info.


My apologies, I misspelled the password for root. The correct password “1q2w3e4r”. I forgot that this is the finished image that I have already performed the initial setup and installation of DE. Another caveat. In this way there is NO automatic expansion of the partition. This must be done manually.

Pay attention, this is only one (pre-designed) image.
All other images of these settings standard password root 1234 and the automatic extension of the section.


Yes, clarkss12 pointed out the partition not expanding.

I had amended the steps in my posts with the instructions.

I added, “When booted it will be at the Mate desktop.
-Once at the desktop, if not installed, install gparted(sudo apt-get install gparted). Use it to resize the Ext partition on dev/sda to fill the card’s available space. Ext will be on /dev/sda.”

I have amended the post on the 5 DE image regarding the password.

Thanks for clearing that up.


Thanks for the update, Balbes150.


I have received card reader yesterday finally, i have flashed multi DE image with Mate as default DE on sd, all i can say that it is running great except that Khadas sometimes looks hot.

I did manage to install a lot of Linux software, i don’t have problems running su, sudo, or sudo -i, it doesn’t matter what type of command i use, unlike the first balbes150 image where i couldn’t log in as root.

Is there any command to check cpu usage, ram usage and monitor temperatures, without installing additional software?

Everything is fine except heat, it’s a shame that there is still no fan for this device, i will definitely order it as soon as it comes out, i hope it won’t get fried before it arrives :slight_smile:

Thank you Balbes for this image, i am not even sure i will flash the official Mate image when it comes out, i will change it only if it causes some issues.

Only thing i am not sure, i want to know are these drivers used in this image official or made by open source community, especially Mali drivers, haven’t used bt so i don’t even know if it is working.


armbianmonitor -m showed 68°C max, i thought it was higher.


Is there a way to install pepper flash for Chromium, as i know flash is alive in arm Chromebooks, i’ve read somewhere that you can even install it on Rpi, so why it wouldn’t be possible to install on Vim?

Yes, i know it probably would be slow, it would need better hardware and software support to play smoothly, but i would like to try it out.




Accepts queries, which rollers are preferably added. If anyone has videos, please send, we will collect General collection.


Balbes or anyone who is more Linux experienced, i have set my display to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, in power management menu.

Problem is that my monitor doesn’t turn off, it only goes in black screen state, i think it is the screensaver that is set as black screen.

Is there any way to shut down the monitor, i do like it turned off when it’s not in use?


Perhaps I misunderstood the question. To turn off the monitor you can install the package “screensaver” and it set to power off monitor.


Update images. Added to the dtb file “kvim.dtb”. Fixed a number of errors. By the way, the question, in VIM you can activate multi-boot (keeping regular firmware in the internal memory) ? I could check myself but my copy hasn’t arrived yet.



Excellent. I will be trying this tonight.

As you stated, I don’t think the SD card versions will work on VIMs that have the dual-boot Khadas image installed on NAND.

I will know more in a few hours.

Thanks balbes150. Hope your Vim arrives soon.


If you have Khadas dual-boot installed, SD boot no go.
I flashed back to the latest rooted Android 6.
Everything seemed to work well, except inbuilt Bluetooth is no go.
Youtube @720 is smooth
Image used:

Yes, if Android 6 installed.
No, if Khadas dual-boot installed.
Note: Khadas will be releasing a triple-boot image that can boot Android/Ubuntu from internal memory and boot from SD card.


I am using Balbes multi de image with Mate as default on sd card, i see that there are 3 governors included in the kernel, hotplug, ondemand and performance.

I was annoyed because the performance was keeping the cpu always at max 1512Mhz, so i have changed governor to ondemand and set max frequency to 1200Mhz, so now the temperatures are raising much slower.

I did think about setting the max clock speed to even 1000Mhz, but i won’t, i’ll wait for official Mate and i will buy a fan for it, system becomes highly unstable when it reaches 67°C.

I think i have read somewhere that arm cpu-s can handle a lot higher temperatures than x86 64 cpu-s can, i wasn’t sure if the fan was gonna be needed, or maybe a heatsink will be enough, but now i see that the fan won’t do harm. :slight_smile:


One more question, i have seen on Armbian forum s905/x, overclocked to 2Ghz, i do know about this fake Amlogic advertising 2.0Ghz that turned out to be 1.5Ghz, so i want to know is the system stable and does the box overheat?


I recommend to upgrade to the new version CPU_OVER_20170202. It fixed several bugs, including automatic gain control mode of CPU frequency. By default, the frequency range 100-2000. If you want to limit, edit the script /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils maximum and the minimum value is below\above which you do not want to use.

I recommend the page with the documentation, there you can find answers to many questions.


I installed your newest firmware, and it loads up fast, very nice interface. One problem, I can’t log into it using putty, password does not work. Tried, from user login root, tried password 1234, did not work, tried 1, did not work. Tried 1q2w3e4r, did not work.

I am using this on my X9 (Amlogic S905X), and all of your other firmware’s work great. I was using your prior version and had no trouble with the password.


Wait not a lot in the coming days I plan to upload new versions of images. Now I’m testing a build Armbian with a Desk MATE instead of XFCE. Ie there will be two desktop image with XFCE and MATE. If there is a need (requests from users), I can collect images from any DE (LXDE LXQT ICEWM etc). By the way, in the future, the way to be sure with Icewm (my favorite DE) :slight_smile:


Thanks, I prefer Mate as my desktop. Ok, I will wait on a new version.