3D Printed Cases: VIM3 + TS050 + Tone Board + M2X

I need this on VIM3 :frowning: As it is much powerful than Edge. But good work.

You mean a [ VIM3 + TS050 ] casing? :wink:

@hyphop was telling me he would like a keyboard in it as well!

Yes Perfect little device with full DE. Once it is ready community will be alive and try to contribute as much as possible to add more functions.

No No. That will make it a Tab or a Laptop.

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@Spikerguy I whipped up a quick-one. It should work, just print using an FDM 3D printer. Quite obvious which side is up, no support needed. :smile:

Download: Assembled .STEP

Download: Standard .STEP (for newer sealed-box 3d printers)

Download: Backless .STEP (for older 3d printers which suffer from warp, print using a heat bed to prevent brittleness)

FPC cable routing, see above ^