LCD Mount for Khadas Captain + Edge / Edge-V

Wow looks swanky. :smile:

@RDFTKV you know a lot about mechanical parts, what did you do previously??

I don’t know as much as it may seem.:grin: I have an interest in mechanical things that goes back to my childhood. Whatever knowledge I have, came from fixing stuff, often out of necessity and a desire not to be dependent on others to do it.
Oddly enough, those wave springs popped up in banner ads on my phone, after the phone overheard me say something about springs, as in fresh water springs.:rofl:
Targeted ads don’t always hit their mark.

A.I Logic:

[ User likes fixing things ] + [ Mentioned Water Springs ] + [ Water = Wave ] + [ Springs = Mechanical Object ]

A little naive, but that’s to be expected for an intelligence that spends its entire day in a gray box. :smile:

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Kap Case running Linux! @numbqq will take some time out of his busy schedule to get the touchscreen and buttons working. As of this time, a keyboard and mouse is recommended.


Video of me booting Linux on the Kap Case, very raw, still some bugs. @numbqq will fix them.

My main beef with it, is that the display is a wee bit too small for the UI - unless it can be scaled, it is rather painful to look at. Other than the software niggles, the form factor is quite small and convenient.

Some may lament the lack of a keyboard, and the need to carry around a mini BT/USB keyboard.


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I want to know the shipment has already started?

@licux we just got back to the office. You are referring to this?

Yes, I checked shop page.

In that page, only case will be shipped before end of September.
Now is October, so I want to know current progress.

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Just sorted through all the parts today. We will prepare for shipment tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Ware to buy FPC cable ?

@tsangyoujun any plans on selling the black FPC cable? While the white strips that came with the touch screen work it’s way too awkward with the black board\screen, and the twisting the TP connector to match up with the vim looks pretty bad and has me concerned how long it will last.

Ah yes you’re the 6th person to ask me that this week. I’ll talk this over with @gouwa and @Kingsley.

@Anubis we’ve added it to the shop here:

@Kingsley says to use free-shipping, as the shipping fee is already included in the price. :slight_smile:

Thanks, the contrast of white cable on black boards was quite the visual nag.


just some food for thought a good idea for the cable would be to offer an inverted option since the FPC ports on the boards don’t line up to those on the screen controller. though folding the cable works, the idea of hard folding sleeved, thin wires that could break without you knowing is cringeworthy to me.


All good so far and looking pretty good :smile:


@robert the buttons are too much of a chore to install? :smile:

By the way, there’s a translucent plastic layer that you can peel off to reveal the clear acrylic underneath.

You can use a pen knife to nick the edge a little bit, so it peels off easier.

You mean that excess pile of nuts and bolts :slight_smile:
At this stage no Buttons until I find a need for the mechanical jewelry

Cover still present on top and bottom as protection still in a WiP State.
It will be fully naked when all competed, Battery and M2 to be fitted oh and buttons :wink:

Finding the touch screen rather good for my Gorilla fingers, bigger would be better (HINT HINT)
All good :upside_down_face:


Yea that is true - the buttons don’t properly map to the PSP games that I ran on the device. They work, however I’m not sure what they map to. Au naturale eh? :smile: