2 Displays on Edge max

Hello everyone.

First sorry for my bad english. It’s not my nativ language.

I have two 5.5 inch Waveshare Touchscreens, one on HDMI and one on USB c with an USB to HDMI converter, but can’t get it to work.
On officiel Android Firmware i get only one to work, with wrong colours and Inverted Touchscreen, and
At Ubuntu i get no Output.
The only Firmware that work’s with one Display is the Android 9 Firmware made by mo.
There i can choose RGB 8bit and get the right colour, but only for the HDMI Port.
The second Display doesnt work.
I checked the converter with an Other Display and there it work’s.

I have no expirience in Kernel building. So i ask for Help.

@Dom81 it is ok, please use whatever language you are most comfortable with, we will do our best to help with translate, if possible, you can translate and message here itself :slight_smile:

regd. the problem,
I think it maybe resolution problem or that android is not supporting the video output because it maybe configured in a incompatible mode, please see if @goenjoy, @Frank can help you to get correct firmware fix.


I found at treat in the odroid and the Problem seems to be the Pixel clock rate and the Resolution.
It is not 1920x1080. It is 1080x1920

@Dom81 What are your two monitors? What interface? What resolution?

@goenjoy iirc, the waveshare LCD screen is 800 x 480p
is that a supported resolution ?

This one.
The First over HDMI and the second one over a USB c to HDMI converter from digitus

Is it a type C to HDMI Adapter?
If so, it needs to be configured as (HDMI + DP) Screen Config, and the default firmware is (HDMI or DP + Mipi) screen config.
In addition, you can use the default firmware to connect only the type C to HDMI interface screen to see if it is displayed? (That is, do not connect the first display HDMI, only connect the second tpye-c to HDMI display)

Maybe @mo123 can help you.


Yes it is an USB to HDMI Adapter and in the other treat the Mega Link is down. I can’t Test the Firmware.

But how do i change the Displays. I dont know how to modify a Kernel

You have to try, modify, compile and analyze this kind of thing yourself, and then put forward specific problems.

Sorry my fault.
I make the mistake to think the Edge and the vim3 Support out of the Box Dual Display. The Homepage advertised this. Ther is No Display Support list or Something Else Like that. I have 5 different Displays and only my older Sharp Monitor and the khadas Display work’s.

Sorry but i am a little bit disapointed of your Support.

The solution has been provided, but you didn’t even try it.

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