1920x480 hdmi on VIM3 with Ubuntu Gnome Focal

I’ve searched some posts, but I thought they were for Android. So I post this.

Recently, I tried to connect 1920x480 IPS screen (with HDMI controller board) with VIM3 (Ubuntu Gnome Focal latest) but failed.
Is it really impossible?

the aspect ratio and resolution seem awkward, I know VIM3 only support VESA resolutions, perhaps that could be the cause…

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Yes. this size is not so usual, but very convenient for special purposes.
e.g) Car dashboard / HUD. Some signboards not so big. Some DIY IoT projects without huge 4:3/16:9 screen.
Anyway, RPI can support this resolution with some modification of /boot/config. I’m so disappointed if VIM Ubuntu cannot handle this resolution. My 8.8" display fits its size perfectly with VIM3, not ugly RPI.

I did see one person on the forum using a wide screen, but I don’t remember if it was run over HDMI, but here is a link for your reference:

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Thanks for sharing the great posts. He is using HDMI controller board (with touchpanel and switch panel)
My goal is similar to him. (In this case, I have a plan to mount on Polestar 2)
Anyway, he seems to be using some custom Android Firmware, which is not supported by Khardas or core members. So it could not be my solution. However, his work is so brilliant.

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