ZRAM on Android

Hi, has someone use ZRAM on Android yet?
The Vim3 PRO has “only” 4 GB of ram, so there is only few remaining for me. That’s why I thought it might help to use zram.

@mldevw 4GB of RAM should be plentiful for any application even on android without having to close background apps, why do you need any extra ?

Well I cannot launch the Tidal app, as it gets killed and I see only about 600 MB of RAM free. Or is that OK for android?

that doesn’t sound normal, can you provide a log and a video if possible ?
it could be due to some other reason, please state the version of android you are using.

also just for precautionary measure, please try latest version of android or something that you have used that seemed stable

Actually I am just using the most current Android ROM without anything but Butdefender Running and trying to start Tidal. How much free RAM should there be?

It depends, I don’t expect Tidal to be using a lot of RAM as its just a simple streaming service,
but that “Butdefender” you say seems eerie to me, is that an app you downloaded ?

I suspect that to be the cause of the improper functioning…

Sorry, typo. Its bitdefender antivirus.

yea, I really think something is fish with that software,
please try removing it and test your program…

Hi, I only tried yesterday and it worked fine after another full android reinstall.

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