Your thoughts on micro HDMI ports?

I dont think ide use it myself, or even 2 for that matter.

Do you think micro HDMI is the future plug type?

I personally like the Khadas format myself a common HDMI port, 2 USB and the SD i dont see a need to change anything as of now.

I dont know for sure but if there was a need for a different plug type or more why not have it on a GPIO type plug?

I like that the HDMI is common so if i wanted to take the VIM anywhere i know there is a common plug to use to connect it to something

Space is a premium on these SBCs. I wouldn’t mind a mico HMDI and micro Display port on the VIMs.

Smaller connector, put it a smaller space, higher chance of twisting and breaking with bigger cables…
standard HDMI is my go-to, as it is just more rigid anyway…

but I guess a little change is nice…

but note that we can only work with whatever ports the chip manufacturer provides…
In that manner Rockchip is our savior to include such a wide variety of video output
display port (over USB) , HDMI, eDP, MiPi DSI… etc.

There is an opinion that with a decrease in the connector, the area of ​​the contact surfaces decreases, which deteriorates the technical characteristics of the cable. Due to its small size, the requirements for the accuracy of this process increase. One awkward movement can create a significant misalignment of the plug, which can lead to the failure of the entire data link


That is why the gods bestowed upon us the legendary, and the mighty “USB-C” :wink:

That was my thought when the regular HDMI cable came out. Ive been pretty lucky that i havnt had many issues but i only use cables with a nice snug fit, if it slipsin and out to easy i pitch it.

Yeah but have you looked at a USB-C cable? IMO that plug looks sketchy, and to carry some 3-4 amps? :astonished:

I see some issues with that plug in the near future

No way, USB-C is seen to be better to be in every single way,
no reason we are making it to be “One port to rule them all !”

but I don’t use HDMI anymore (I am getting kickbanned from using the family Tv, If i don’t use it for entertainment and host movies on my VIM3 it is not welcome to be used there :sweat_smile:),

I have switched over to MIPI DSI displays, and VNC/xrdp for linux,
so I don’t have problems with choosing Display connections anymore…