Yolo V3 tiny to increase FPS

Hello, I’m trying to run yolo using VIM3 but I need to increase the FPS. When I use yolo V2, I have aprox 15 fps, and when I test yolo V3, the FPS decrease to 8 aprox.

Using official page tutorial, I try to transform yolov3-tiny, although I have managed to increase the fps, I can’t get good detections. Anyone try use yolov3-tiny in VIM3 and can help me?

Thanks in advance.

@marrcogrova Hello , I have push a yolo tiny model to my gitlab . You can clone it .

the source code I have push to my gitlab too.

It should be noted that this is a fairly primitive model. I haven’t optimized the parameters yet, so the recognition effect is not very good,FPS is between 40 and 45, I will do more optimization later. This is just for users to try


Sorry for the late reply.

It’s amaizing, thank you !!