Xorg isn't working


I have just got a VIM1S, I have the image on 64 GB SD, I tied to use the emmc but I wanted more space to install apps, as I want to replace Wayland with a lighter weight desktop manager, so I install XFCE when I login, it seems like it’s loggin, goes to a black screen then back to gdm main log in page.

To make sure that XFCE didn’t mess up Xorg, I tied my current image that is fresh nothing else installed. I tired Ubuntu with Xorg, first. Same thing, goes to a black screen then back to gdm main screen. So, let’s try Gnome with Xorg, same thing. Xorg isn’t working.

How do I get Xorg working? Where do I need to start? I usually work with Debian/Red Hat/openSUSE, I am not sure about Ubuntu, even though it Debian base it not the same.

Wayland works, but my cpu is pegged. No offence, this board needs either XFCE/LXQt/LXDE. Wayland is too much, need to think light weight. Lubuntu/Xbuntu would work great for this board.

Hello @terrorpup

Can you try to remove the GPU package and try again?


Will XFCE ever work with Wayland? Just wondering.

Hello @terrorpup

XFCE doesn’t support Wayland.