XML Camera Profile

We have developed a kernel driver for our own custom camera module. We can read data and have all the setting for the camera. But we cannot use their rkisp or rkcamsrc because we do not have a way to generate the XML camera profile.
Would any body be able to point us out the tools for we need to create the file?

Are you on 7.1 or 9.0?

We are using ubuntu. The driver is developed with rockchip-isp1.

To be more precise, we would like to use our camera with auto exposure and auto white balance. gstreamer rkcamsrc requires an XML camera profile, which we do not know how to generate. Right now, we can use gstreamer with rkcamsrc, but we have to disable 3A.



The tool test account is as follows:

Account: WESION

Password: WESION

Phone: 10000000000




Dear goenjoy, I try to login RKIQTool v2.0 by those info but it shows Authorization failed #FF01509, what’s that mean ?

RKIQTool v2.0 only supports RK1108 platform.

RKIQTool v1.0 supports RK1108、RK3288、RK3368、RK3399 platform.
So use RKIQTool v1.0.

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Thanks for reply, but I’m sticking here…login failed.

When RKIQTOOL is first run, users need to register their account number and serial number. A serial number can only register one computer. When registering, the network needs to be smooth.

so this 37223AB2-C8D9-4216-A8BD-F326B6745BE0 Has been registered for use by others.
You can use this 1EA95ACB-8776-4c69-BFE7-15374A5E6EC0 to see.

If not, I have to apply for the serial number from the original factory.

Dear goenjoy, this 1EA95ACB-8776-4c69-BFE7-15374A5E6EC0 can’t register too.:upside_down_face:

Private letters have been sent to you.