Would I change a startup service in init.rc?

I want to set up a service when amlogic Khadas VIM board powered on, so I do something below:
(1)mount -o remount,rw /
(2)vi /init.rc
(3)add a service like this in the last line:
service myshell /data/my/myshell.sh
class main
user root
group root
(4)save scucess

But when i reboot the system,the changes which i saved is lost. So,how can I solve this trouble?

Is there somthing tool for unpacking the update.img? I want to unpack the boot.img and ramdisk.img.

Hi FinalFantasy,

You can use aml_image_v2_packer to unpack update.img.

nick@Nick:~/share/VIM/server$ ls update.img 
nick@Nick:~/share/VIM/server$ mkdir out_dir
nick@Nick:~/share/VIM/server$ ~/project/khadas/ubuntu/utils/aml_image_v2_packer -d update.img out_dir
[Msg]Image package version 0x2
[Msg]Unpack item [USB         ,              DDR] to (out_dir/DDR.USB) size:49152 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [USB         ,            UBOOT] to (out_dir/UBOOT.USB) size:704512 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [PARTITION   ,         _aml_dtb] to (out_dir/_aml_dtb.PARTITION) size:37061 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [UBOOT       ,     aml_sdc_burn] to (out_dir/aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT) size:754176 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [ini         ,     aml_sdc_burn] to (out_dir/aml_sdc_burn.ini) size:589 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [PARTITION   ,       bootloader] to (out_dir/bootloader.PARTITION) size:753664 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [PARTITION   ,             logo] to (out_dir/logo.PARTITION) size:907456 bytes
[Msg]Backup item [dtb         ,           meson1] backItemId[2][PARTITION, _aml_dtb]
[Msg]Unpack item [conf        ,         platform] to (out_dir/platform.conf) size:202 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [PARTITION   ,          ramdisk] to (out_dir/ramdisk.PARTITION) size:20322304 bytes
[Msg]Unpack item [PARTITION   ,           rootfs] to (out_dir/rootfs.PARTITION) size:838860800 bytes
[Msg]Write config file "out_dir/image.cfg" OK!
Image unpack OK!


Hi numbqq,
I have unpacked update.img by aml_image_v2_packer,but the output file is not like such as boot.img system.img recovery.img and so on.

You can refer to this post. Thanks!

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Hi terry,I have solved the problem by your methods thanks a lot.

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