Working with the TS050 touch panel in linux

@redjr the latest image for VIM3 with the 5.15 supports TS050 display, you can install it directly through oowow.

Direct image download is available here:

Thank you. Downloading now.


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I’ve tried installing/running the above version you provided with my TS050 attached to my VIM3. All I get is a blank screen. Nada, nothing. No desktop. No output at all. Has anyone tested this version recently with a TS050, and been able to boot into a desktop? I can SSH in using Putty okay, but not sure where to start looking. I’m about to give up on this screen. The adventure has been a royal pain the in arse. :frowning:

FPC is probably broken / cracked. Also doesn’t work with HDMI plugged in, or if anything is installed on the emmc.