Working with the TS050 touch panel in linux

So I am working on a project with the TS050 in linux (still in planned state)
I’ll be using the server image and displaying things using a lightweight graphics lib on the framebuffer console, and I need to know how I can interact with the touch panel driver and get data from it, reading registers to get data (gestures, raw touch coordinates, etc)

can the Khadas team provide any examples to do so ?, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you can try QT5? We have added QT5 support with Mali GPU under framebuffer mode. And I have checked the demo under TS050 touchscreen, the display and multitouch work well. You can check this documentation.


yes I have checked that out just a few days ago,
I was more interested in using this library with the framebuffer:

I will have to experiment a bit and decide I guess, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you test panel with mainline kernel?

Nope, I still haven’t gotten to testing that,
need to setup a proper compile environment and everything, I will do it a bit later…

@numbqq do you have any clues as to how to setup PyQt5 to work with this setup ?

Try manjaro image with 5.12 kernel

pyQt5 is available.

@Spikerguy its not about PyQt5 installation, I need it to use the framebuffer device :slightly_smiling_face: