Wireless mirroring

Hi, I would like to know how can I screen mirroing VIM to TV. (wireless)
I use app ‘Miracast’ on VIM, but it doesn’t work.
Could anyone explain how to wireless screen mirroring Vim to TV?

I use firmware vim3l-android-9-64bit-v221214 this version.
Or Is there any file should I install or set for screen mirroring?

Can you describe the detailed usage process of your ‘Miracast’ app in detail, and share the ‘Miracast’ app you use, I want to use it here to judge whether the screen projection function can be used

  1. Khadas is connected to the router via Ethernet.

  2. LG Smart TV is connected with Miracast dongle which is

  3. used this app

  4. Connected the WiFi of the Miracast dongle in Khadas.

  5. In Miracast app, A list of devices appears.

  6. After this process, nothing happens.
    when I tried it my cell phone instead of Khadas, The pop-up window appears and automatically
    connected with Smart TV.

If you want to use the screencasting function, you need to download other third-party screencasting software to use it. The Miracast app that comes with the system thinks it has not been updated for a long time, so there will be a problem that the device cannot be found, which will affect the normal use. You can download it yourself Use other third-party screencasting software to try, sorry to bother you

Thank you for reply.
Also I downloaded another screencasting app, and I tried to screencast.
But also mirroring was not possible because of similar phenomenon.
Is there a function to mirror and transmit the Khadas screen to the TV?


Hello, you can download this third-party Lebocast software to see if you can cast Khadas to the TV. This software is the screen projection software used by our testers

The following is the official website link of the software

Thank you for reply.

Mirroring was done after I gave all permission in Miracast app info Vim3L.
I did the same set up in Vim4, Vim3 PRO.
but it didn’t work.
Is there anything else I need to set up for mirroring in Vim4, Vim3 PRO?


There is no need to set other options on vim4 and vim3 pro. The operation and software are the same as those on vim3l. You can restore vim4 and vim3 pro to factory settings before operating


Hello, have you tried the method I mentioned, can the follow-up vim4 and vim3 pro be used normally?