Windows 10 (x64) driver trouble

After pluging Tone Board a new device Tone1 appears in the Windows device manager, but I can not configure it, nor update firmware. The driver installed for Khadas appears as inactive (with an yellow exlamation mark). Turning off, unsistalling, reinstallig one or both, of them restarting Windows does not help, only that “Tone1” is active, but not configurable :frowning:


There’s something missing in your config, partially Ok.
Did you remove USB cable from TB1 first ?
Then, Remove “Khadas DFU device” or Uninstall it, remove Drivers, etc…
Drivers are locally stored on your PC.
Shutdown W10, check Bios version & options if necessary.
Restart the PC - Plug USB/TB1 and… what happens ?
W10 will try to find local drivers, then point to your TB1 drivers location.

@MacPio @Gouwa @Eric68 Please help about this question.

Hello, move your mouse over the icon with a triangle, press the right mouse button and then click on “update driver”.

Of course, I have removed cable, de-installed and re-installed both drivers several times, tried to update the driver etc. I plugged Khadas to other computers too. Always a generic Windows driver appears, and that one for Khadas remains inactive (even after turning the generic driver off). I’m not completely green about drivers :slight_smile: but here something is completely wrong…

I just want to upgrade firmware, not use the TB with Windows, any other ideas? Another Windows version? Linux? Android?..

Hello, Did you follow this guide to install?

Sure, but without a native driver I can not make any step described here :frowning:

I have the exact same problem!
This happened after I updated to f.ware v2 … the update completed successfully as the update program showed.
After uninstalling the evaluation driver and installing the 2.24, the Tone 1 is not recognized from the driver.
I have done the procedure several times but no luck
Fortunately I do not use the TB with windows and it works OK with my Rpi so it’s not bricked but something is wrong anyways

EDIT: I do not know if has something to do but in my computer I use Linux too in dual boot with Win10. May this cause any problems?

After update FW to version 2, you must use this driver

Tone1 and 2 - USB Driver (Khadas Audio Dashboard)


Thank you very much!!!
It’s confusing that this driver is not in the “Firmware” directory in Khadas “Files” and in there still is the 2.24 driver!
It works now!