Windows 10/11 ARM. How to install?

My parents bought me a Khadas VIM 3 as a New Year present and I want to put Windows 11/10 ARM on it. How can I do it? If Raspberry capable of installing it why can’t VIM 3?

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No you cannot install Windows on it sorry.

They’re is no uefi support for amlogic devices. Even if it works it is not usable on any of the arm devices so far.

It is very to run a stable linux operating system on vim3 instead.

Good luck.

I would mostly suggest using linux as @Spikerguy has said,
you will get much better hardware support and have a more wider range of apps available :slightly_smiling_face:

The upstream u-boot codebase supports UEFI and LibreComputer invested a lot of time and effort in getting support for that and their hardware into the major distros. That doesn’t mean to say installing Windows will be a walk in the park, but the component pieces needed should exist.

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This is interesting. Is it edk2 with apci or dt?

No clue. Have a chat with Da Xue from LibreComputer. He is @lvrp16 in the #librecomputer or #linux-amlogic IRC channels on Libera.Chat.

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