Will there be any GPU drivers?

Hi, will there be any GPU driver for Ubuntu 22.04 coming soon? @numbqq

its frustrating that everything is so heavy on the CPU at the moment. even playing local files.

Hello @Shazam1990

Current image already have Wayland GPU support by default.

I think you mean the video playback? It doesn’t rely on the GPU.

For now, you can use the gstreamer wihd hardware decoding for video playback, but can only display on Weston.

If you want to get better video playback experience, we suggest you to OOWOW to install the CoreELEC or just download the CoreELEC image and write to the SD card and boot from SD card.

@numbqq thank you for your reply. Can i ask why the GPU is not used for decoding video playback? will it ever? are you working on this? Ubuntu is my preference so would be great if some GPU decoding could be supported for video playback

No, on VIM4 we use VPU for hardware decoding not the GPU.

And hardware decoding already works with gstreamer but only on Weston.